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Redemption II

Author: CriticMorloc (3)Game: L4D2Add-On: CampaignMaps: 5/5
rating9.3 Co-op map for co-op play
5/5 Maps Available
  • - Dead Stop
  • - Cover-Up
  • - Delve Deeper
  • - The Truth
  • - Escape

Vers 2.2 Updates and fixes

General - Removed unused files to reduce overall file size
Removed old reviews as these were based on the old alpha release

- Fixed a shortcut exploit

- Fixed a shortcut exploit
- Added more clipping
- Fixed a remark from ladder to stairs
- Fixed floating trees

- Tweaked the skybox to fix a weird rendering issue (untested)
- Added some extra clipping in places (god spot)
- Updated Nav around panic event.
- Fixed med kit spawning position on floor in water area
- Made doors indestructable in easter egg

- Corrected nav around panic event
- Added more clipping in lab area
- Added clipping in Tree Room
- SI should now correctly spawn after lab event.

- Fixed the bug where canisters would dissapear near a completed chamber
- Fixed the overlay from not appearing on map restart.

12/24/13 vers2.1
This fixes:
Charger should be normal charger unless you have my charger mod
bots now take weapons on trashbin in map1
bots hopefully take pills map1
missing glass texture fixed map3
easter egg now teleports you back to map.

No other updates until after the xmas break - Happy Christmas

12/22/13 vers2.0
Note: couple of minor issues on release so will try and fix these within the 24hour period - thanks

So whats in this update? too much to mention really but heres a few

o Intro has been slimmed down with an updated poster + gnome added for easter egg
This one done because l4d2 has a limited idle time and when playing coop players could miss the intro
currently there is no work around so the intro was shortened

o Map1 has a panic event near start
This was added to stop players rushing through the map

o 3 more new melee weapons for extra zombie mutilation (5 in total)

o All maps have so much more detail etc etc too much to list

o New water paticle effects
These were changed from using refracted textures due to increased performance.
o Huge Easter Egg! Can you find it? Go on I know you want to :)
o NPCs and loads of extra voice acting
o Dynamic paths on most maps (eg the electric water has alternate paths)
This was added as people didnt like the cheap kill possibilty. Now you have the choice
When the electric is on you can bipass it. If you do try and turn it off then theres some goodies in the back room for your troubles
o Dynamic placement of items
o Heavily optimised
o New final format - A 2 stage event that forces players to rethink
alot of players thought the final was too easy so this adds extra difficulty

o A lap dancing club -- (oh wait that didn’t make it in this update)
o A huge amount of love and attention all over (and some on the maps too :P )
o Basically this is how I intended the first release to be
o More bugs? Lets hope not
o Kitchen sink? Yep map3
o More to come… Of course there will be

Why has it taken soo long? Its just mainly me doing this and I do have a full time job so time is precious. Its been a long old slog but Ive got there. I hope Ive created something you'll enjoy and if you don’t then maybe the eight game is better suited to you .

I do need to thank a few people that have helped along the way though.

RT Frisk for his help with getting the final script/instances working, plus the very sub par voice acting (he really cant do a texan accent :P)
Splinks for the melee weapons and general discussions on how floppy a dead arm should be.
Bunny for help with some of the models
The many testers (too many to name)
My MMclan mates for doing some other testing for me
A shout out to Kev Edwards for morale support and setting the bench mark when it comes to details in maps
Black mesa for allowing me to use some of their models
Davey Wreden and Kevan Brighting for a huge favour ;) we wont talk about this (spoilers)
Kerry @ valve for help with melee scripts
And lastly my lovely partner Jacqui for putting up with me spending late nights on this.
redemption blog site - http://l4d-redemption.blogspot.co.uk/

Please follow me on twitter:
Twitter here - https://twitter.com/L4DRedemption

See below 02/13/12 date for Beta release details.

Just wanted to thank a few people for voice acting, models and just general discussions about mapping

xMissyChrissyx - voice lines (yes the cool sexy one lol)
Andreas Larsson- intro voice
Calum Hunt - scientist voice radio
RT Frisk - Outro .. next update (still cool but not so sexy)

Charger - Splinks / Morloc(skin)
Melee - Splinks/ Morloc(icons/script)

General chitchat
RT Frisk - Just general ramblings about mapping
Kev Edwards - Helped me see the finer points of detailing in maps
Plus all the rest of you great mappers

Beta Testers
comming soon


Get the poster for wallpaper here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/moubccxp8dqcbem/redemption-wallpaper-1920x1200.jpg

BETA Released - All 5 maps, new SI and 2 new melee weapons plus custom models , sound and textures.

This is an open Beta so I want to get as much info back from the community before I release an update.

I suggest play this on medium to high settings. There is a possible issue with low shaders causing water to screw up.

If you do get crashes then try disabling other addons first. (back to school especially)

Still lots to come so expect more updates.

- thanks Morly

Check out the Redemption blog site http://l4d-redemption.blogspot.co.uk/

25/09/12 - Work Progress
Melee weapon#1 - all working (just waiting for valve to look into something for me)
Melee weapon#2 - all working (just waiting for valve to look into something for me)

New Custom Infected#1 - Model work done and skinned, Just a minor problem to look at
New Custom Infected#2 - Only a reskin but currently not started. :(

Map is working with a few changes needed to nav and details.
Intro sequence is also being looked at, as Im not happy with it as it stands.
Voice work also being tweaked for volume levels.
Item placement to tweak.
Water particle effect being worked on to give better refraction effect.
Minor decals need to be added, plus normals to some textures.
Colour correction needs to be added, plus fog levels possibly need to be changed slightly (frame rate dependent)
Populations need to be added

Item placement to tweak.
A few nav funnies to fix (no one likes a zombie to spawn underground :P )

Reworking of some areas.
New decals added.
Item placement being tweaked
Nav reworked for better flow
Possible colour correction changes
Populations need to be added

Major facelift on this map
Lots of decals being added
Voice work currently being edited for start section.
Latter end of map being changed to allow better nav flow
Item placement being tweaked.
Currently this map may be a little too long (looking into this) for a possible dynamic route.
Populations need to be added ( actually fixed as its CEDA infected heaven at the moment and youve got more bile jars then you know what to do with lol)

First large room being altered due to bad nav control on long ladders, plus to shorten this map a little.
Undecided abount the unsafe saferoom section
New decals to be added and some detail here and there.
Voice Instruction lines to be added to finale.
Finale section has already been opened up.
Populations need to be added

Easter Egg Section
In planning stages only, no hammer work has been done yet. This wont be in the first release.

03/05/12 - Work Progress
Maps 2,3,4 & 5 have been converted fromn the l4d version.

Everything is working in the latest build.

Im currently adding more detail and the npc/voicework integration

Map1 is still being worked on.

Thats all for now :) Be sure to check out the L4D version thats in BETA.

01/15/2014 Version: 2.2 (complete) Size: 373.95MB File: redemptionii.vpk Downloads: 485,616 Views: 407,031

Redemption takes place midway through the L4D comic strip, it continues the story after the survivors flee the military base they were taken to after blood harvest and that leads to the Sacrifice campaign.

The campaign includes:
* 5 large maps that traverse through a new and revealing HELIX Research environment
* 5 Completley New Melee weapons (They DONT replace any other Melee!!)
* Custom content including textures, models, sounds, particles and ingame animation
* Extensive detail overhaul from the L4D version
* NPC's that add to the unfolding storyline
* New panic events & traps
* Dynamic supplies and paths
* Easter eggs & New final mechanic

Redemption Hazmat Charger

This is a Charger in a Helix Hazmat suit to be used with the campaign RedemptionII.Watch out when th...

553 Comments and 16 Reviews
DarkSlayer999 DarkSlayer999 Posted 6 days ago

-Love the storyline: flows smoothly
-It looks like Valve made this campaign
-Perfect "dark" atmosphere outside
-NEW melee weapons and custom sounds!!!
-Helix Research environment was very interesting




This campaign is very well designed and I find myself playing it over and over again!

tawnypelt3 tawnypelt3 Posted 6 days ago

I love love LOVE this campaign, extremely well done and very detailed. I think I have found a bug, however.

In the finale, I couldn't get on the train. It lit up with the blue outline and told me to get on, but every time I went near it, it would shove me off. It took about 10 minutes just to be able to wedge myself in beside the train (I even tried from both ends, but the far end shoved me off when I got to the gap with the broken fence), and when I finally made it to the train car door (after even more tries), I couldn't jump in. Wedging myself between the train and the fence made me jump or bob or something, even though there appeared to be ample room. Running at the train at any point resulted in violently bouncing off.

There was also only one Tank in the finale. There weren't any more even while I was trying to get on the train for 20 minutes. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm used to having a two or three Tank finale even on easy difficulty.

Other than that, absolutely amazing map. If not the best map I have ever played, then easily in the top three. Well done, and thank you.

Hiya, I am aware of this bug.. not sure what causes it. I think I have a fix for this but at the moment Im in the process of a reformat and really busy with the black mesa stuff. Once I get my pc up to scratch I'll get an update done.

thanks Morly

5 days ago
Rustyblade Rustyblade Posted 1 week ago

BRILLIANT, One of the best ever. well done!

MunkeyThrust MunkeyThrust Posted 1 week ago

Absolutely awesome!

anon629 anon629 Posted 2 weeks ago

Still hoping that this will become a versus map eventually. Would make me giddy like a schoolgirl.

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Recent reviews for Redemption II.
Redemption II DarkSlayer999 DarkSlayer999 Posted 6 days ago

-Love the storyline: flows smoothly
-It looks like Valve made this campaign
-Perfect "dark" atmosphere outside
-NEW melee weapons and custom sounds!!!
-Helix Research environment was very interesting




This campaign is very well designed and I find myself playing it over and over again!

Redemption II
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