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Star Wars Weapon Soundpack

Author: shmaaaaaGame: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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I may update depending on what people think.

Here's a list of all the included sound.

Pistol: Blaster
Dual Pistol: Han Solo's Blaster
M16 Rifle: Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle
AK47 Rifle: Slave I Blaster
Desert Rifle: Droideka Blaster
M60: Millenium Falcon Blaster
Magnum: Jango Fett's Blaster
SMG: Clone Trooper Blaster Rifle
Silenced SMG: X-Wing Laser
Hunting Rifle: Scout Trooper Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifle: AT-AT/AT-ST Laser
Pump Shotgun: Clone Engineer Shotgun + another blaster mixture
Chrome Shotgun: Clone Engineer Shotgun + yet another blaster mixture
Auto Shotgun: Clone Engineer Shotgun + Some random explosion I found!??
Combat Shotgun: Clone Engineer Shotgun + Naboo Fighter Proton Torpedo
Grenade Launcher: X-Wing Proton Torpedo
Minigun: TIE Interceptor Laser
Heavy Machinegun: TIE Fighter Laser

Bus Station Alarm in Parish: Death Star Alarm

Video Preview: http://www.l4dmaps.com/watch-video.php?id=2347
07/19/2011 Version: 1.0 (complete) Size: 10.09MB File: star wars sound.vpk Downloads: 7,337 Views: 39,411

I've put together a soundpack that replaces all firearms, including even the 50 cal and the minigun, with the sounds from Star Wars. I've always thought of what it would be like to shoot zombies with a gun that sounds like a blaster. Well here it is. NOTE: This pack doesn't apply to melee weapons. I've also replaced the perimeter alarm of the bus station in Parish campaign with the Death Star alarm. Hope you like it!

Click the video button for a preview of this mod.

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KingSpartan226 KingSpartan226 Posted 2 months ago

it won't appear in the game's add-on screen. what do I do?

CID_1973 CID_1973 Posted 6 months ago

I installed the star wars weapons sounds mod, and i love it, but i noticed it had Jango Fett's blasters sound set for magnum, and i thought it was better for dual pistols, so i changed it, and added Han Solo's heavy blaster sound for magnum.
The problem is that sometimes it sounds like mixed with zombie screams, and things like that.
It's really annoying >

I changed it many times, with different/similar sounds, but the problem is still there.
I don't know why it happens, or how to fix it, or even wich program/s can i use to fix it.

Anyway...if someone can do it and upload it, the emperor will be pleased ^^'

6 months ago

Had the same problem when I was making this sound pack. The problem is that the sound file you are trying to replace must be the exact same length as the mod you are using. Like, if you are trying to replace the magnum sound, which is exactly 1.96 seconds, then the mod sound you use must also be 1.96 seconds. Otherwise, the mixture of zombie scream type of bug will occur.

4 months ago

I fixed it.
Found a free program to edit sounds called "audacity", and also released other mod sounds (check my profile).
Test'em, i bet you'll like ;)

3 months ago
Ironman Stalin Ironman Stalin Posted 9 months ago

I need an update for it.

kfsoldier kfsoldier Posted 1 year ago


GFtoocool GFtoocool Posted 1 year ago

Please, give us Star Wars weapon reskins!

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Star Wars Weapon Soundpack woopgigs woopgigs Posted 2 years ago

all the weps


Cant co exist with the lasers :'(


All good except for if one is installed the other wont work .

Star Wars Weapon Soundpack
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