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Team Health Counter - L4D2

Author: CriticRayman1103 (10)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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The changes include the following:

- Added "Status" for teammate Survivors, which detail if a player is idle.


The changes include the following:

- Added a health counter for when Survivor team-mates get incapacitated.
- Added an image for Team Health Counter that appears in the Add-ons list.
- Made minor adjustment to the position of the heath counter.


Team Health Counter for L4D2 has been released.

02/09/2013 Version: 3.0 (final) Size: 0.03MB File: team health counter l4d2.vpk Downloads: 18,280 Views: 75,365

This addon adds a health counter for Survivor teammates. Now you can see how much health they actually have in numbers, allowing for a more accurate display of their health.

Note: This addon wont work on Official Dedicated servers unless the server has this addon installed.

Tagged: HUD, GUI

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E=Munch.2 E=Munch.2 Posted 6 months ago

Doesn't work when installed in my servers addons folder.
Only works if installed in local addons folder

From the Note above

"This addon wont work on Official Dedicated servers unless the server has this addon installed"

I assume it should work on servers with this installed, or am I reading it wrong.

totoraven totoraven Posted 11 months ago

Can you also make one for the leaderboards?

Why would you need one for leaderboards? You just press Tab and view something and back to game already Lol.

10 months ago


9 months ago
Shady Blow Shady Blow Posted 1 year ago

I Downloaded A Hud For Characters Will This Health Affect It Please Answer Me Fast! :)

I don't think it will if they're just Survivor icon replacements. You'll know if "Team Health Counter" appears as red text in your in-game Add-Ons list.

1 year ago
Skythe Dincht Skythe Dincht Posted 1 year ago

Thanks a bunch for the update Ray. Appreciate it.

Catkingv123 Catkingv123 Posted 1 year ago

Love it I actually know when they started wasting pills and adrenaline , but ... my computer is broken, then I have another l4d2, so I download again this one and put it on addons then play the game then.....? no health counter? I NEED UR HELP! IT HAPPENED TO ME, EVEN MY OTHER DOWNLOADS!!!!!!

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Team Health Counter - L4D2 miztaegg Criticmiztaegg Posted 1 year ago

- Team health counter so you are able to see your friends health, what else can I say?
- Now have incap counter, convenient for the standing survivors to see how close they are dying for saving their lives (or not).
- No problem with Eranthis VGUI.


- None.


Thanks Rayman for this little mod along with the mutation addon =]

Team Health Counter - L4D2
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