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Defense Double Pack

Author: CriticRobert Riter (4)Game: L4D2Add-On: Map
member9.3 critic9.9 Survival map for survival mode
Two different survival game types, one pack!
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Map Status: 80% Complete


Base Defense

+ Apocalypse Mutagen results are sometimes unpredictable: Occasionally the user will die, or the other survivors will not. Likewise the explosion sometimes will not impact physics. The proper use is supposed to be that everything except the survivor using the power in a very wide radius will be destroyed.

+ Multiple Mutagens can result in unpredictable results. Survivors should try to use only one mutagen at a time.

+ The glowing eyes are not properly aligned to all survivors. Likewise, they are incorrectly viewable from the first person perspective.

+ Occasionally the powers will not fire after rapid repeated use for a moment.

+ Powers can be difficult to aim and do not lock at a center point on the player’s reticule.

+ After a prolonged successful attempt (8-10 minutes) an issue occurs that will prevent bots from spawning at the proper rate on the next play through. This can result in decreased difficulty, and survivors that leave the server will be outright removed from the game. This is the most severe issue currently in the map; if an attempt exceeds 10 minutes it is recommended to reload.

+ Volume on the tutorial needs mixing.

Sandbox Defense

+ Numerous physics bugs. If the player is not looking level when dropping entities, they are prone to tipping over. Likewise placing objects too close to one another will cause unpredictable results. Placing an object near the site of an explosion is likely to cause it to act erratically as well. A fix should be coming shortly.

+ The Tutorial currently only activates for one player, the person who presses the button. A future fix will lock all players into the tutorial perspective on use.

+ Players will go “idle” in multiplayer games when viewing the tutorial, requiring a key press to return to it.

+ Placing excessive IEDs will result in physics object clutter and performance decrease. A filtered physics remover will be added in a future patch.

+ Rest Area heals half the stated damage.


Base Defense

+ More Science Lab entities, such as the Caged Jockey.

+ “Super Special Infected” that have new abilities, such as the teleporting Jockey or Nuclear Charger.

+ Dimensional “Witch Storms” beginning at the 10 minute mark.

+ Better first person effects for Mutagens

+ Tutorial Mode will remain enabled if enabled, Sandbox mode is selected, and then No is selected despite showing as disabled.

Sandbox Defense

+ New Support Power: Midnight Riders

+ New Support Power: Whittaker

+ Supply Lockers will disappear 60 seconds after opening them, leaving supplies.

+ New manual turret: Cowapult

+ Louis’s mounted gun will be a separate upgrade for the Louis Tower.

07/27/2011 Version: 0.1 (beta) Size: 39.39MB File: rts.vpk Downloads: 41,337 Views: 112,179

The Defense Double Pack introduces two new sub-game modes for Survival! In Sandbox Defense, you use the available support abilities and structures to make any defense you want! In Base Defense, construct buildings, hire mercs, buy supplies and use powerful new superpowers to make your last stand!

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ShikiNanaya21 ShikiNanaya21 Posted 11 months ago

this is perfect for Survival mode

ellisfan12132 ellisfan12132 Posted 1 year ago

why is nicks eyes red


1 year ago

I think he Possessed by Evil Spirits

11 months ago

I thought that's bacause he's a terminato, maybe T-800.

2 weeks ago
BlazingOwnager CriticBlazingOwnager Posted 1 year ago

Hey everyone, I'd like to recommend if you enjoy this map to check out The Convoy, my newest map. It's got all of the elements from Sandbox Defense and Base Defense, but taken up to the next level.

Most of the issues with these maps have been corrected there, such as wonky deployables and friendly fire turrets. In fact, The Convoy began as a giant update to the Defense Double Pack, but it ended up taking on a life of it's own!


are you going to finish defense double pack or no?

9 months ago
serius sam serius sam Posted 1 year ago

im can download this for easy and you

elusivepuzzle elusivepuzzle Posted 1 year ago

love having tower defense in L4D


In base defense:

-fences and things don't always place correctly
-sentries don't seem to fire at things


Very creative, 10 for innovation alone.

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Defense Double Pack elusivepuzzle elusivepuzzle Posted 1 year ago

love having tower defense in L4D


In base defense:

-fences and things don't always place correctly
-sentries don't seem to fire at things


Very creative, 10 for innovation alone.

Defense Double Pack
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