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Umbrella Train

Author: Criticmanix33 (59)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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08/01/2011 Version: 1 (final) Size: 0.48MB File: umbrella t.vpk Downloads: 1,065 Views: 9,404

This replaces the Ceda train.
My first mod/skin, I would say sorry for my poor skin.

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ferretsshadow ferretsshadow Posted 1 year ago

the tricell one looks better :(

Dawn Ransome Dawn Ransome Posted 2 years ago

Refuses to install.

Dude555 Dude555 Posted 2 years ago

i can't install this, it says that this is not a valid source engine

i think thats the installation source error. just put it in ur addons folder urself and u should be fine

2 years ago
Dude555 Dude555 Posted 2 years ago

its very cool, i wish you could also change the bile bottle that says "ceda" into umbrella to please

Theres a Boomer bile umbrella skin go into weapons throwing and its there and instead of a green splash
it makes a blue one and it glows in the dark :) i hoped this help

1 year ago
KiLlEr10312 KiLlEr10312 Posted 2 years ago

I like the Idea. You could replace all things with CEDA to Umbrella Corp.
Just one Thing: Make the Logo Transparent. Or make it have a boarder. Just to keep it nice.

i will try it. and update this skin.

2 years ago
3hellknight3 3hellknight3 Posted 2 years ago

small change, good stuff
(i have many small changes, the game is (almost) perfected 2 me)

robertguarante robertguarante Posted 2 years ago

cause umbrella is cool

masterblaster Criticmasterblaster Posted 2 years ago

Why Umbrella?

because the ceda train looks like a container of a virus, so i decided to make it umbrella(the t- virus creator in the game/movie resident evil)

2 years ago
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Umbrella Train
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