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Custom Weapon: Flamethrower

Author: CriticTurdBurglar and Stay Puft (71)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Brief Flamethrower Installation Notes:

1) If you put it in a map you make or download a custom map that already has it (ie Necropolis or Trapped), it will only show up and will be completely useless if you do not follow these steps.

2) Go install SOURCEMOD following these instructions: http://wiki.alliedmods.net/Installing_SourceMod

3) Download SDKHooks from this link: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=106748 and extract sdkhooks200.zip to \left4dead2\addons\sourcemod.

4) Download the Flamethrower.smx plugin from here: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=160737 and put flamethrower.smx in \left4dead2\addons\sourcemod\plugins
08/03/2011 Version: 1.0 (complete) Size: 5.67MB File: flamethrower.vpk Downloads: 5,327 Views: 32,168

This is the flamethrower featured in the maps "Trapped" and "Necropolis". Included are the models, sounds, materials, scripts, and particle effects for your own custom maps. Please note: you MUST HAVE SOURCEMOD INSTALLED and the Flamethrower.smx plugin to make it functional.

Head on over to the forums if you're having problems. There's a thread posted with installation instructions.



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tkdtks12 tkdtks12 Posted 4 months ago

Milli-weapon-unlocking of some kind?

A.D A.D Posted 1 year ago

For some reson me and some people do not see flame effects.

crasher_3637 crasher_3637 Posted 1 year ago

This is awesome!!! I used it and it works PERFECTLY, along with the other custom melee weapons. They even work on Valve's campaigns. I guess they didn't work before because I installed it wrong? But now I decided to reinstall them and works!! Cheers to the author!!!


Shoot as you would normally do with any weapon.

neogeo456 neogeo456 Posted 1 year ago

question...how to shoot with this thing?

snuffy1998 snuffy1998 Posted 2 years ago

Isn't sourcemod installed when you get l4d2?

No it is a different company that makes source mod.

1 year ago

you're thinking of the source engine

1 year ago
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Custom Weapon: Flamethrower simocarina simocarina Posted 2 years ago

-Great weapon
-Burn them all!
-add a lot of fun
-add a new gameplay and strategies
-Valve should have put it in the Game
-doesn't make dammage to teammates
-enable you to have 3 weapons: flamethrower + principal weapon + guns or melee


-The weapon burns infected only in close distance.
-Need a lot of installation to be able to use it
-make the player be in third view and walk slowly


Very good weapon and very good idea. Great Work.
Congratulations !

Custom Weapon: Flamethrower
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