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Tali - (replaces Coach)

Author: CriticMr Lanky (130)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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08/05/2011 Version: 1 (final) Size: 2.66MB File: coach - tali.vpk Downloads: 1,104 Views: 9,785

All credit for this creation goes to Mr. Lankey...

Tagged: Survivor, Coach

15 Comments and 1 Reviews
epicsodacan08 epicsodacan08 Posted 11 months ago

does anyone else think 6 foot tall tali is a little creepy?

fromach fromach Posted 1 year ago

We already have Garrus & Tali. Now we need Legion & Zaeed or Grunt.

Meryl/KathySubichi Meryl/KathySubichi Posted 2 years ago

We need an entire team of Tali's >DDDDD

hehe i got it but i might not release

1 year ago
Rathnik Rathnik Posted 2 years ago

We need a Legion model!

would say the same AND MAKE HIM REPLACE ELLIS because legion snipes

2 years ago
ThePsychoRin ThePsychoRin Posted 2 years ago

Agree with the comments below, I'd like a Tali mod for Rochelle :)

It feels weird hearing Coach's voice coming from Tali. :P

your wrong for rochelle because in mass effect 2 it shows that she only uses pistols and shotguns, so if she uses a rifle then thats kinda wrong

1 year ago

How is ThePsychoRin's opinion wrong? Maybe you should keep an open mind. There are very few instances where an opinion is wrong. This is not one of them.

1 year ago
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Tali - (replaces Coach) Meryl/KathySubichi Meryl/KathySubichi Posted 2 years ago

It's Tali<3
Amazing model


No FPS hands D:
Should be for Rcohelle (in my opinion, so she has female voice)


Very good for Mass Effect fans!

Tali - (replaces Coach)
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