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GC - Skin Ellis: E3-Style Ellis

Author: CriticGameplayCrush (13)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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08/08/2011 Version: 1.0 (final) Size: 2.11MB File: gc_skin_ellis_e3styleellis.vpk Downloads: 1,589 Views: 12,111

I gave this a go after reading the comments on left4deadcaleb's Beta-Style Ellis.
So heres the Ellis as presented at the E3 in 2009
Kinda odd making this, removing detail rather then adding it :-p

Tagged: Ellis, Survivor

11 Comments and 6 Reviews
PangThePro PangThePro Posted 2 months ago

Make Blue to Gray

K.Tastrophe K.Tastrophe Posted 1 year ago

The orange is too bright and so is the blue. If you've ever actually seen any media of Ellis during E3 you'd notice how the orange should be more faded and almost a dark, grayish tan. The sleeves should also be darker and the base should be a light gray.

suoerellis1 suoerellis1 Posted 1 year ago

green hat ellis was the very early version of him

GameplayCrush CriticGameplayCrush Posted 1 year ago

@M3GAMAN100, this is not beta Ellis, this is E3, its exactly what he looked like including his hat, he did not have a green hat

NogareDragon NogareDragon Posted 2 years ago

Great mod! But could you try to do the other survivors in E3-style too (expect Nick 'cause he was the same in Beta) ?

pretty awesome, i don't mind if the colors are too bright

11 months ago
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Recent reviews for GC - Skin Ellis: E3-Style Ellis.
GC - Skin Ellis: E3-Style Ellis M3GAMAN100 M3GAMAN100 Posted 2 years ago

Looks like the Ellis from E3
Good quality


The colors are too saturated
"Beta" Ellis also had a green hat


It's good, but it could be better.

GC - Skin Ellis: E3-Style Ellis
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