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mafia nick

Author: Criticmanix33 (59)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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08/18/2011 Version: 1 (final) Size: 11.42MB File: mafia nick.vpk Downloads: 2,070 Views: 12,589

i've seen this in resident evil 4, mafia leon replaces leon, and i've seen that mafia leon shirt and nick was the same so i've come up in this idea..

Tagged: Nick, Survivor

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deliverhope deliverhope Posted 8 months ago

Hey great mod you got here. I'm making a custom campaign based off the Italian mafia using different mods in association with other modders, and was wondering if I could use this mod in the campaign. I will be sure to give you credit since I will make a youtube video about it.

Snozy Snozy Posted 1 year ago

Add photos pleaseeee!! I'm a lazy bum :P

megamario70 megamario70 Posted 2 years ago

does this have the flowing scarf and hat? cant tell since no media

TheRandomGuy TheRandomGuy Posted 2 years ago

Is it me or is there no "media available"?

kenaluzaria kenaluzaria Posted 2 years ago

why does this skin kinda remind me with max payne?

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mafia nick komputerkurt komputerkurt Posted 2 years ago

Nick looks even cooler
Good detail


Gloves look a bit too skin tight


Overall really good reskin and one of the best for Nick imo.

mafia nick
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