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Author: CriticDavid "marshmallow" GibbonsGame: L4D2Add-On: CampaignMaps: 3/3
member9.0 critic9.4 Co-op map for co-op play Survival map for survival mode Versus map for versus play
3/3 Maps Available
  • - Dam
  • - Facility
  • - Aztec
Campaign Status: 100% Complete

Fixed bugs introduced by the July L4D2 update.

- Finale works again.
- Fixed missing models.
- Hints in Facility computer room panic event behave properly.


Added the following survival mode maps:

Facility 1
Facility 2

All maps:

Sanitized easter egg areas and added new images that will please Gabe Newell (read below for easter egg locations).

Clipped off several Jesus spots, advantageous positions, and geometry that could block or trap the player.


Added a second wave of zombies to the second panic event and doubled the time for the sliding door to be passable.

In versus, removed pill case from computer room before the offices.


Survivors can go through the lab windows after opening the bottling room door. I realize it's goofy you can't go through before, but just consider it gameplay/story segregation.

Tweaked some hints to be next to the goal and fade at a distance instead of staying on the HUD.

Slightly widened plane crash damage trigger to the right. You can still stand on the runway and not get incapped, but you have to hug the right wall.

Added fire/more clips to the overturned tanker near where you fall to the tank and activate the gauntlet runway event. If you incap yourself in the fire the bots may not be able to get you if they've already fallen down since it's a one-way drop now. So just go down via the white cylinders.


Added machine gun props to escape sequence before the lift because hey, why not?

Added a arrow overlay on the ground to hint at first hidden door.

Known bugs:

This has always existed but is now most noticeable in Facility 2 survival, where the swinging glass lab doors have a spooky action-at-a-distance effect that can push away certain items that aren't even near them and even get stuck on it and close. It can also sometimes detonate gas canisters if you gather them up in the right place.

Easter Egg Locations:

I've received many messages asking for the locations of all the secret rooms. Since this is most likely the last major update and the campaign's been out a year here's the info.


1. Start on the dam itself, after climbing up the ladder to get out of the second tower near the ambulance. Look for a section near the tower that has no rail or wall and you can drop down several levels (on the water side). Jump from boat to boat across the ocean and you'll reach a far away island. It has some pervy dialogue and a teleport trigger on the bullseye that will send you scuba diving and then make you fall several thousand feet before placing you back at the dam.

Note that some bots will most likely fall into the ocean if they to try to follow you. There is no nav on the boats or the far island.

2. Before the second panic event you can go out onto the dock. There's a path that is obscured by breakable crates which leads to a small room with a button. Said button activates a bridge from the dock to the far away island. Inside you'll find all kinds of fun things, including a disco ball and a button that spawns several witches and tanks.


1. Explore the vents in the beginning. Go straight ahead from the safe room, ignoring the orange arrow, to find a tiny switch that unblocks another path in the vent. Be careful not to fall into the bathroom when crossing over the tiny path because it's a one way drop.

2. At the very end of the level. Instead of going into the parking lot full of car alarms continue down the runway and explore the back of the building that has the saferoom. It has a button that will teleport you to various locations. Note that if you continuously run back and hit the switch several times it's possible to desync the triggers that prevent fall damage and one of the survivors may end up dying.


1. To the left of the starting saferoom is a jeep that crashed through the wall. You can actually squeeze through this hole and explore the jungle. There is a switch on the back side of the pillar furthest from where you enter that opens a secret room with a disco ball.

2. After crossing the wooden bridge and before the black tech room there are two pillars. The right one has a small switch on it that opens up the wall to the right, which contains a teleport switch that will give you more skydiving experience.

3. After crossing the tiny bridge under the shuttle you go through some thin hallways. Look down at the floor and you'll find an arrow pointing away from a wall. Press the use key and it will lower, revealing a secret room. The switch drops dozens of watermelons from the ceiling.

Misc easter eggs:

In the Dam computer room (before the flooded offices, after opening the blast door) there's a vent in the ceiling. If you look up you can see a headcrab on the top grate. There's also a headcrab in the Facility starting vents and the Aztec exhaust bay tunnels, but those are pretty obvious.


Version 1.1

Mostly cosmetic/bug fixes. I'm open to possibly adding survival levels in the future. Would anyone play them though?


First gauntlet event is now more difficult (more common).
Removed two non-desirable tank/witch spawns (between the large panic event doors and to the side of the second dam tower where you climb up the ladder through the hole in the floor).
Increased hint distance for shutter door after the first panic event.
Removed wheelbarrow in beginning side tunnel (the fact that it was glowing/explodable was apparently the fault of some other custom vpk but I figured I'd take it out anyway).
Aligned floor textures in tunnel before watery offices.
Replaced glitched black console box models with another model.
Fixed view distance popping on some models.


Fixed survivor bots not rescuing other incapped survivors in plane crash area.
Removed small strip of fire in first panic event that was burning too many common (first phase should be harder now).
Added fire particle effects to an already existing trigger_hurt in the first panic event room, under one of the elevated platforms.


Elevator now behaves like the sugar mill lift. Now it only goes up once but you can't leave behind non-incapped players.
Fixed tank frustration meter oversight in Versus mode.
Smoothed pathing over rock/debris in the giant hole in the wall.
Added details to finale/lift areas (e.g. bodies, blood, trash).
Fixed floating elevator switch and some corpse piles.


Campaign released.

There are many secret easter egg areas, ranging from kooky to wildly inappropriate. Dam and Fac have 2 each, Aztec has 3.

I'll be very interested in seeing if people think the campaign is hard or easy. I still don't know. Sometimes the SI do amazing things, other times they're retarded and you can easily rush through. I'll be interested if anyone has anything to say in regards to versus play, since I had that in mind in many areas.

I probably won't make any major content updates, but if people think a panic event is too easy or there are too many items I could tweak things.

I think some people may complain about lack of ammo piles, especially in the saferooms. This is by design. I enjoy the whole 'run out of ammo, pick up a new gun' concept. Valve did it a little in some parts of L4D2 but chickened out later on, especially with their DLC. I know some people don't like dropping T2 for T1 but I enjoy switching it up and being on your toes.

Known bugs that probably won't ever be solved (?):
- Glowing wheelbarrow in Dam that doesn't make sense in hammer
- Randomly exploding gas can in Facility labs, somehow linked to one of the doors opening
- Weird crack in the wall by a fan in the Fac labs. Makes no sense in hammer at all.
- Zombies that like to run off an edge to their death (Aztec finale escape, some parts of Dam)
- Bot nav to the saferoom at the end of Fac. I think they don't like the car alarm/witch combo, or maybe I should take out the avoid squares. But they do some...interesting things there, sometimes. I once saw a bot alert the witch and then teleport 2 feet away which caused the witch to lose track of him, become confused, and run away. Nice trick.
- Bots having a fetish for killing crates. I've seen this in all sorts of different campaigns, so I don't think it can be solved.

The main area I notice that bots epic fail which could lead to serious rage is in facility if you get pounced after getting into the bottling room and they're still in the room with the 2 windows they'll sometimes sit in there and let you die, or come very slowly. I don't know why that is. Make sure they're nearby before risking it.

For the 1st facility panic event I might want to take out the fire under one of the holes the zombies pour out of, since most of them end up burning to death until the players activate all the consoles.

The entire Aztec finale is seriously jury rigged. It's pretty much the starting place of how not to make a finale map. But I was constrained by the fact the shuttle model is like, 2000 units tall, and I want survivors to run into a tube that connects to the cockpit. It plays fine usually, but sometimes weird things happen during the escape sequence. Sometimes there are no zombies at first because they all spawn back by the radio area and they can't catch up, othertimes there's a river in front of you. If you're playing on expert and a tank spawns between you and the elevator and you die because of it you have my sincerest apologies, but that doesn't happen too much if you're quick. Once you reach the top various teleports on the bottom activate and all the tanks will begin to spawn up and to the left. Once at the top, assuming 40+ hp, you should be able to comfortably beat the tank to the shuttle unless you get rolled by common/SI.

Future potential ideas:
In the middle hallway of Fac add a random computer console to open the way forward, a la lowing the bridge in Aztec. Would let the SI get more attacks in and make it so you can't just rush through, but maybe that's a bad idea? The map is already pretty long.

A similar idea would be to fill the bottling room with the poisonous gas from Bond's sabotage, you have to go to the left and hit a button to clear it. Could make for a trap if SI can pull/charge them into the gas.

I have an older, buggier version of Dam that is really, reaaaaaaaaaaaally long. Like, Dam It / Dead City L4D1-style long. I thought about including it as a bonus map but ran out of time. Anyone interested? If you like watery offices and random non-GE content this is up your alley.

I originally envisioned a 5/5 map campaign which included Surface/Bunker/Silo + Jungle/Control/Caverns. Since Left 4 GoldenEye did the latter and making a single map takes like 2 months and I don't want to see the inside of hammer for a very, very long time thoe former probably won't happen either. But ya never know.
08/16/2013 Version: 1.3 (complete) Size: 113.18MB File: goldeneye4dead.vpk Downloads: 229,617 Views: 311,012

FIXED BUGS FROM JULY L4D2 UPDATE! The N64 classic meets the undead. Battle through familiar environments such as the Arkhangelsk Dam, the Chemical Facility and its runway, and the hidden space base in the Aztec ruins.

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Killa_Sprite Killa_Sprite Posted 2 months ago

I really do love this map it is awesome I had it installed on my rented game servers which are both Linux (do not know if this has anything to do with it or not) and never had problems until we recently discovered a slight problem with it in that if someone has the campaign already started and then if friend tries to join the game it causes the server to crash for about 30 or so seconds ending the game as the server then goes to default start map! Like I said it is an awesome map I love it but had to remove it from both of my servers due to this issue, hope maybe you can get this fixed as I would really like to have it on my server.

CarnageHeart CarnageHeart Posted 3 months ago

You ruined the secret area on the second map...

and the third map...

3 months ago
PedroFernando PedroFernando Posted 3 months ago

Please Help!

I don't know why, but I got purple and black squares(missing textures) on the entire walls of the second map, the facility.

I Aprecciate the help!

Sorry if I wrote this wrong, because I am Portuguese.

skyhawk02 skyhawk02 Posted 4 months ago

-pretty decent i suppose


-very long levels
-finale is bugged, there is glass blocking the entrance onto the shuttle, I was playing the latest version so this has not been fixed.


I guess this would be a pretty nice campaign if the finale worked, the double tanks is also pretty annoying and unnecessary.

piracy42013 piracy42013 Posted 6 months ago

awesome map :D

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GoldenEye 4 Dead skyhawk02 skyhawk02 Posted 4 months ago

-pretty decent i suppose


-very long levels
-finale is bugged, there is glass blocking the entrance onto the shuttle, I was playing the latest version so this has not been fixed.


I guess this would be a pretty nice campaign if the finale worked, the double tanks is also pretty annoying and unnecessary.

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