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Demonic Common Infected Pack

Author: CriticXD001/Valve (148)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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08/28/2011 Version: 1.0 (final) Size: 37.44MB File: Demonic Infected Pack.vpk Downloads: 25,106 Views: 55,478

Replaces the common infected sounds to something more sinister.

Works best with XD001's Altered Incoming Horde Sound and XD001's Demonic Special Infected Pack.

Altered Incoming Horde Sound

Replaces the incoming horde sound with something a little more...threatening.Works best with XD001's...

Demonic Special Infected Pack

All of my Special Infected sounds in one, and also improved! Replaces Special Infected voices.Works ...

30 Comments and 6 Reviews
ilovesandvich ilovesandvich Posted 2 months ago

IMO it's kind a go together with NAZI ZOMBIE skin :D anyway NICE MOD

zereulminion zereulminion Posted 2 months ago


thesharkor thesharkor Posted 2 months ago

Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but how come the image provided on this page shows the L4D common infected? When I installed this mod and played it, it had the L4D2 common infected.

It replaces only common infected's voices :D

1 week ago
CoachnChocolate CoachnChocolate Posted 8 months ago

Bring it on!

left4dead2pelaajazzah left4dead2pelaajazzah Posted 9 months ago

seems nice, i'll give it a try

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Demonic Common Infected Pack Spac3tr33 Spac3tr33 Posted 10 months ago

-High quality sounds
-Meshes very well with the L4D2 style


-Can sometimes be a little too creepy for me. :P


I first tested this mod on the Haunted Forest campaign, and I damn near shit myself. Oh my sweet baby Jesus, this mod is awesome.

Demonic Common Infected Pack
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