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Wooden Chrome Shotgun

Author: RPDSurvivor - American Hero (31)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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09/10/2011 Version: 1.0 (final) Size: 2.54MB File: wooden chrome shotgun.vpk Downloads: 608 Views: 8,513

I simply copied over the texture from the Pump Shotgun to the Chrome Shotgun (And added some detail stuff). Now it looks FANTASTIC!

Originally a skin that was not my own was requested by the user, srtg. I didn't feel like uploading that skin because it is not my own, so in response I made this skin instead.


Tagged: Weapon, Shotgun

8 Comments and 0 Reviews
gi3 gi3 Posted 3 months ago

goddamn i want to date that shotgun

qvxpk qvxpk Posted 1 year ago

we all know....the shootguns and m60 are the best guns from l4d 1 and 2

frankwest frankwest Posted 2 years ago

This gun is very sexy ;D

Mateoski Mateoski Posted 2 years ago

Looks nice. And it's realistic too.

AarynCageTheMtgGamer AarynCageTheMtgGamer Posted 2 years ago

apparently Some people find Shotguns Our Sexy...

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Wooden Chrome Shotgun
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