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Zoey leather red L4D1

Author: K1CHWA (125)Game: L4DAdd-On: L4D Mod
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No revision notes have been added by the developer.

l4d1 requires a pak01_dir re-edit to allow it to use the info i put into l4d1 vpk.

i have also included instructions on what to edit with note pad++ just in case you wish to make work with other skins/mods

ADVANCED INSTAL (vpk-all modes)

go to steamapps/common/left 4 dead /left4dead/addons and put vpk in.

go to steamapps\common\left 4 dead \left4dead\...find pak01_dir and make back up....then edit pak01_dir with notepad++.

*here is EXAMPLE of a re-edit ------ Press Ctrl+F for search menu

for body

-- change this --
$baseTexture "models\survivors\TeenAngst/zoey_color"
$bumpmap "models\survivors\TeenAngst/zoey_normal"

-- to this --
$baseTexture "models\survivors\TeenAngst/boey_color"
$bumpmap "models\survivors\TeenAngst/boey_normal"
02/06/2012 Version: 4 (final) Size: 4.5MB File: zoey body_leather red_l4d1.vpk Downloads: 670 Views: 8,522

K1CHWA'S red leather zoey ok new update red leather zoey vpk is just the body reed the changelog for installing this mod

Tagged: Survivor, Zoey, Cute

blond hair blue eyes zoey

blond hair blue eyes zoey vpk is a skin for zoey head not for her body.reed the changelog for instal...

Red hair green eyes Zoey

this is a skin for zoey head reed the changelog for installing this mod dose not have a body skin

Black Hair,Blue Eyes (Zoey)

i simple re-edit that effects only zoeys head.black hair and blue eyes are only changes.pak01_dir re...

Zoey leather black L4D1

This is k1chwa's black leather zoey the vpk has just body textures only. reed the changelog for inst...

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DeadToll DeadToll Posted 10 months ago

Is this for L4D1 or L4D2?

miyorimaki23 miyorimaki23 Posted 2 years ago

how to Edit The Pak01.dir file?

What Do I Put?

2 years ago
Vince Lionheart Vince Lionheart Posted 2 years ago


Mr_Legend Mr_Legend Posted 2 years ago

u shld make a l4d2 port pls.


2 years ago
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Zoey leather red L4D1
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