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Facility 13

Author: raulness & dustpupGame: L4D2Add-On: Map
member8.8 critic9.3 Co-op map for co-op play Survival map for survival mode
1 Maps Available
Map Status: 95% Complete

- Added survival mode (BETA).

- Added difficulty selection lobby for campaign

- Includes 3 new difficulties (Casual, Standard, & Hardcore)

- Difficulty controls zombie spawn rates and weapon/gas spawns.


The map has been marked as "Complete" as we feel that there are no longer any game-breaking bugs and everything seems to working nicely as far as balance goes. We are going to release the game on the Steam Workshop and see what sort of feedback we get. The next update will be a major update with plans to include versus and survival, a difficulty selector and a bunch of other stuff but it will probably be a couple of weeks from now before that is released.

v1.0 Changelog:

- Minor bug fixes

- Addressed the issue where too many infected would spawn at once.

- Switched L4D2 survivors out for L4D1 survivors.



- Bots can finally grab weapons and items on their own from the weapon center.

- Added a custom model for gas caches.

- Added an infinite gas cache towards the back of the map for rare cases where players lose all their gas cans.

- Finale credit scroll now properly displays score at the end of the game.

- Special infected should no longer spawn behind survivors (needs to be confirmed via more testing)

- Reduced barricade build times slightly to give players more incentive to build.

- NavMesh improvements for smarter bot/zombie movement.

- Music fixes.

- Miscellaneous lighting fixes.

- Added another gas cache. Last cache contains 50 gas cans; enough to unlock all weapons.

- Switched out the SG-552 for an M60 since it can't be used in vanilla versions of the game.

- M60 is balanced by the fact that it has low ammo and forces a player to stay near the shop if they want to continue using it. Good for defense.

- Various small bug fixes.

- Added a bit more lighting and some aesthetic changes.

What still needs to be done:
- Fix special infected spawning behind player in restricted areas.

- Revamping the weapon creation center so bots can grab weapons on their own.

- Intro lobby with tutorial and difficulty selection.

- Versus mode.

- Survival mode with all weapons unlocked.


A huge thank you to Dustpup who has helped me optimize the NavMesh and fix some bugs around the map.

- Another update to the balance. Still fairly difficult, even on normal but beatable with some good team work. Easy is highly recommended if its your first time or are playing alone.

- NavFlow has been optimized even further, bots & zombies are slightly smarter.

- Switched around some weapons in the shop. Still playing around with what works for balance.

- Special infected finally spawn properly.

- More gas cache locations.

- Lighting fixes.

- Various bug fixes.


There's still a lot of balance work to be done but I need more feedback to find a happy medium to the difficulty. I didn't get to reach the level of completion that I hoped for before the competition ended but its been a good experience overall. I will continue to develop the map until I feel satisfied with it so just because the competition is over doesn't mean I won't stop updating Facility 13. Best of luck to all of the competitors.


- Raised overall difficulty. There should be a lot more of a challenge now.

- Added 3 more gas caches.

- Added an entirely new room and staircase to a new section of the map.

- Gas caches now give less gas cans.

- Removed pipe bomb from the weapon creator.

- Moved bile bomb from 2nd tier to 4th tier.

- Removed combat rifle from weapon creator.

- Added AK-47 to the 4th tier.

- Special infected now spawn more frequently.

- Fixed NavMesh flow. Zombies & bots should be a bit smarter now.

- Survivor bots should now have no problem grabbing ammo.

- Replaced some barricades & added some new ones.

- Overall bug fixes.


- Open beta released.

- Please comment with feedback on what should be fixed before final release!

Facility 13 - Beta 0.4

Facility 13 is almost done with closed beta testing and will soon be released on L4Dmaps.com for an open beta!
There's still a lot of work to be done but the core gameplay is working great so far.
We'll need lots of testers and some in-depth feedback to tweak the game balance to be at its best.

What's done:
- The map layout has been finalized.
- Fully playable & beatable in Campaign mode.
- Zombie spawns & NavMesh fully functional (still needs some balance tweaking).
- All barricades fully functioning.
- Gas-powered weapon researcher fully functioning (currently bug free).
- Main objective is fully reachable by at least two players on 'Normal' difficulty.
- Outro cinematic fully functional.
- Basic lighting and aesthetics.
- One secret room is located in the map with lots of goodies.

What needs to be done:
- Overall gameplay balance (minor spawn rate tweaks & NavMesh editing)
- Play around with adding more barricades in strategic locations (requires more testing).
- Play with different gas-cache locations.
- Add soundscapes.
- Overall minor bug fixes.
- Better clues & direction for first-time players.

Future goals:
- Add survival mode with tweaked gas can spawns & basic weapons available from gameplay start.
- Add versus mode (a shorter, more fast-paced version of the main campaign)
- Add more easter eggs.
05/12/2013 Version: 1.1 (complete) Size: 10.72MB File: facility13.vpk Downloads: 24,169 Views: 81,258

UPDATE 5/12/13: Survival mode added (BETA)! Difficulty lobby added!

A research/barricade based game inspired by rimrook's 'Let's Build a Rocket!' with an added twist. Players must build barricades to protect themselves, while using gas cans as fuel to unlock weapons.

There seems to be some issues with other VPKs not playing nicely with my map. If you're getting crashes or the game just won't start, temporarily DISABLE any other add-ons and RESTART L4D2.

SEE CHANGELOG for latest updates.

101 Comments and 10 Reviews
iinvader iinvader Posted 1 month ago

We also have crashes when new Player´s join the game. Very funny and cool map otherwisethat crashes suck . TRY TO FIX PLS !!

I got a workaround. If u start a server, go offline and be sure to start it "friends only". The server chrashes when someone wants to join.

4 weeks ago
csabaszoszi csabaszoszi Posted 1 month ago

This map is ultra annoying, crash after crash...u can't have fun more than 20-25 perc cause here comes a crash ! U start over , u gather cans , unlock some weapons yet another crash.. WHY CANT U FIX THIS???

20-25 minutes *

1 month ago
casemods casemods Posted 2 months ago

One of the hardest maps ever

csabaszoszi csabaszoszi Posted 3 months ago

Man, do another one :D

And please fix this if u can, the game keeps crashing after a while and it's very bothering after u unlocked almost every weapon and you have to start over....

3 months ago
wol-ferl wol-ferl Posted 4 months ago

Great map, but there is a problem with joining players. Often the connection is interrupted, when a 3rd or 4th player is joining to a running game. Then the game falls back to the lobby. This is very annoying, because you must start the game with 4 players, or you wont reach the finish. Please fix this!

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Recent reviews for Facility 13.
Facility 13 david47295 david47295 Posted 7 months ago

Difficulty allows for many strategies to come into play and requires high levels of teamwork.

Build times for barriers and other elements are reasonably balanced.

Not too many special infected to get in your way.

Two layered difficulty (Main game difficulty and the lobby within the map) for the playstyle you would like.


Bots' pathfinding could be enhanced a little. They like to stay outside of the helicopter even when you're inside.

Oh jeez a tank... oh no not 2. Wait a minute 3? 4? 5? 6? 7? 0_0 Yeah for some reason when I play this map I sometimes get a ridiculous amount of Tanks coming and smash up my team. Not sure if it's the server I was on or the map though.


Despite the ridiculous but rare tank raid and the bots this map is solid. The concept is rather fresh and demands teamwork which is rarely seen ins some custom maps. Special infected don't come too often which is good. They usually only come at the start of the round and then every now and then in between. The difficulty room was also a nice touch to fine tune gameplay. Overall a great map, good job!

Facility 13
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