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M9 Pistols

Author: CriticTwinke Masta/Jinx786/arby26 (42)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
member9.5 critic9.8
Screenshot provided by monstergaga(l4d)
1 Maps Available

Fixed SCAR compatibility
Fixed left empty fire


No revision notes have been added by the developer.

10/02/2011 Version: 1.0b (complete) Size: 3.02MB File: m9_berettas.vpk Downloads: 57,405 Views: 189,979

Requested dual M9/92FS pistols ported to L4D2.

Model/Texture originally by Twinke Masta. World model edits by Jinx786. Animations, tac light, further model edits, porting to L4D2, compiling by arby26.

Preview video may be loud, sounds and level are different mods.

Tagged: Weapon, Pistol

79 Comments and 25 Reviews
AnATNerd AnATNerd Posted 3 months ago

Does anyone happen to know where I may get the HUD icons for the pistols in the Youtube video? I'd really appreciate it.

CS-strike CS-strike Posted 8 months ago

omg it so cool

Lucio 1995 Lucio 1995 Posted 8 months ago

Doktor Haus pretty much reskinned this and made it completely black instead of the chrome shown here.

RaniL RaniL Posted 8 months ago

nice skin

sena_kun_2003 sena_kun_2003 Posted 9 months ago

Oh man i was away want that pistols skin man !! >.

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M9 Pistols smoothskin smoothskin Posted 9 months ago

-High quality model and textures
-Very good animations


-Nothing really


I used to think that I loved melee weapons but after installing this mod along the m9 soundmod I discovered that I hated the original pistols.

M9 Pistols
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