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IWI Desert Eagle Gold

Author: Criticmiztaegg (71)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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10/04/2011 Version: 1 (complete) Size: 4.52MB File: iwi_deserteagle_gold.vpk Downloads: 7,023 Views: 25,033

Made by request. DE reskin, with all genuine markings, logo and details.

IWI Desert Eagle Dark

Dark matted gray version for my DE reskin, with all genuine markings, logo and details.

IWI Desert Eagle Chrome

IWI Desert Eagle reskin for the Magnum, with all genuine markings, logo and details. **Arby26's anim...

24 Comments and 5 Reviews
rockraven500 rockraven500 Posted 1 year ago

Hey, I love this texture. Is there by chance you could rework this to be on the Military Sniper? I would have sent this as a message directly to you, but it seems that accounts under a month old can't do that. These two are my most used weapons in the game.

deathshadow deathshadow Posted 1 year ago

k1chwa gold is better no offence

Jekyll Grim Payne Jekyll Grim Payne Posted 2 years ago

It has a.... um... tiger pattern?..

Also, really, it's not gold. It's just yellow. Needs more shiiine!

1 year ago
That randomer guy 0 That randomer guy 0 Posted 2 years ago

Mabey make a revolver skin? :D

That requires making a complete new model, and animations to go with it. DX

2 years ago

What I've been thinking for a long time. I'd love to see HL2 Magnum model. Yeah, it would require to change the animation speed, plus it'd look like a revolver which has 8 rounds, but still, it'd be something cool and different.

2 years ago
Kerlix Kerlix Posted 2 years ago

Why is there strips?

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IWI Desert Eagle Gold chatterbox97 chatterbox97 Posted 2 years ago

great color
sexy as hell




Like Lj's from resident evil. Just plain beautiful, and with no problems.
Great job man.

IWI Desert Eagle Gold
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