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Author: CriticRichy221,Mr. Lanky (12)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
Awaiting1 vote critic10
name for nick is changed to Chris also
1 Maps Available

had uploaded a different mod on accident. its fixed now


Ill change the wesker outfit to stars wesker once one has been made but for now its this so dont complain.

10/07/2011 Version: 2.1 (complete) Size: 33.82MB File: restarssurvivorpack.vpk Downloads: 17,209 Views: 51,215

This is a survivor skin pack mod which contains the following:
Mr.Lanky- Survivor Models
Richy221 - Survivor Icons and names changed to match the model

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83 Comments and 4 Reviews
snown0111 snown0111 Posted 1 month ago

Plz give fps arms and facial moves T,.T

sergiomachuco sergiomachuco Posted 6 months ago

yh it was good if we have the fps arms and change Wesker for STARS Wesker from RE1 i think there is a model can you do Mr.Lanky or Richy?

Nicolas_King Nicolas_King Posted 6 months ago

Make face expresions & FPS arms.& this will be the greatest mod for L4D2.

FireDestiny FireDestiny Posted 8 months ago

Can you make RESurvivorPack FPS arms pls

richy221 Criticrichy221 Posted 8 months ago


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RESurvivorPack S.T.A.R.S S.T.A.R.S Posted 11 months ago

+ Resident evil 0.5
+ Accurate character choices 2.0
+ Great models 4.0
+ Name / pic shange 3.0
+ Effort 0.5
Total = +10


- In game FPS same 0.4
- Lobby picks same 0.3
- Slight glitches with models 0.2

Total= -0.9


All together this mod is a GREAT mod! There are some things that are wrong but... as you can see there small things that don't have much effect or are big. There is only ONE thing I don't like that I did not add as a con and that was that wesker was not stars like in res 1 but, oh well. SO all together I gave it a 9.1 for being a wonderful mod, I would recommend this to all resident evil fans, or just if your looking for something cool.

HTML Code:html | bbcode [url=http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=13194][img]http://www.l4dmaps.com/img/embed/13194.png[/img][/url] <a href="http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=13194"><img src="http://www.l4dmaps.com/img/embed/13194.png" alt ="RESurvivorPack" border="0" /></a>