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Dead Rising - Frank West's Theme

Author: Shawn.Savard (12)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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10/15/2011 Version: 2 (final) Size: 61.82MB File: themeoffrank.vpk Downloads: 337 Views: 6,829

Having only lurked on L4DMaps prior, I decided to finally release something here. I may or may not start posting my skins and such here in due time as well.

This is for the credits theme. I've been using it for a while and figured I'd release it to the public! Enjoy!

Thanks as well to XD001 for reminding me this needed to be posted. ;)

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rvigbitrg rvigbitrg Posted 1 year ago

Is Frank...Frank West.

Nothing Nothing Posted 2 years ago

can you make his UMVC3 theme

Extractor94 Extractor94 Posted 2 years ago

Love it is pretty cool 4 Dead Rising Fans

P.s. You should add when he is fighting with Brock

XD001 CriticXD001 Posted 2 years ago


komander2142 komander2142 Posted 2 years ago

картинка прикольная

Я наслаждаюсь фотографиями также! Спасибо за вашу обратную связь. Прошу прощения для моего бедного русского.

(I like the photos too! Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for my poor russian (I used a translator))

2 years ago
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Dead Rising - Frank West's Theme
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