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Portal Survivor Pack

Author: CriticSplinks (173)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
member9.8 critic9.7
1 Maps Available

Chell has Eye-Tracking
New HUD images
Better Textures


02/02/2013 Version: 2 (complete) Size: 48.46MB File: portal survivor pack.vpk Downloads: 24,508 Views: 84,132

The Portal Characters have finally made it to L4D2 my friends. Now go out and show those infected what a Mute, a Bipolor Super computer, and two free spirited robots can bring to the game!!!!

Atlas (Ellis)

Portal's test subject #3 has come, Atlas is ready and his guns are loaded to kill infect and eat cak...

GLaDOS (Coach)

Is that a GLaDOS model I see there?Damn Skippy it is!!!^^ I'm rather proud of how this mod came out ...

P Body (Nick)

Time to bring another test subject from portal into the mix, So I give you all........P Body!

Chell (Rochelle)

For my portal fans i give you a fat specimen that seems to go by the name Chell. Just feed her some ...

60 Comments and 9 Reviews
Pichu1405 Pichu1405 Posted 4 months ago

i just absolutely love this

johnpalmon11l4d2 johnpalmon11l4d2 Posted 4 months ago

this portal survivors is cool and nice

Catcher Freeman Catcher Freeman Posted 6 months ago

A GLaDOS voice mod is needed here

mactavishs mactavishs Posted 7 months ago

so glAdOs is a mother when she is standing haha

sottt sottt Posted 9 months ago

does the individual mods replace the name, or is it just the survivor pack?

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Portal Survivor Pack SixX92 SixX92 Posted 9 months ago

- great models
- great fps


- lack of custom voices
- crash when hunter pounces a character...i think it happens with coach


great survivors pack...the only thing is the lack of voices for the robots

Portal Survivor Pack
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