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Metal Gear Solid Style HK Pistols (Unsilenced)

Author: Mateoski/K1CHWA/Seph/Arby26 (112)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Fixed the missing sound issue + add CoD4 Reload sound effects (they come the closest to the MGS2 reloading sound effect)


No revision notes have been added by the developer.

11/21/2011 Version: 1.1 (final) Size: 15.91MB File: pistol_mgs usp and mk23 socom_... Downloads: 1,814 Views: 8,349

Metal is now darkened. Normal maps added. Glossiness is reduced. Added a little red to the LAM of the SOCOM. And added lightbulb textures to the LAMs (Don't know why that wasn't there in Arby's original release)

This is for the Unsilenced version.

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xaid86 xaid86 Posted 1 year ago

Man i would love to see a 1911 with these animations

Aras4745 Aras4745 Posted 2 years ago

Just like the other one, but I think it has more detail. :D

splinks Criticsplinks Posted 2 years ago

O_O do I see a custom Rochelle mod that I don't have yet!?

I believe I do

That's Arby's Bewitchin' Rochelle.

2 years ago
Mateoski Mateoski Posted 2 years ago

This mod will be updated within 7 hours. Sounds will be added.

JollyJackel JollyJackel Posted 2 years ago

I couldn't help notice that at this particular time (The time of this post) we're looking at the MGS Socom and just above it is an add for MGS games.I took a screen shot to capture this moment.Lols

Doh! now it's gone ah well at least I have the Screen shot.

2 years ago
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Metal Gear Solid Style HK Pistols (Unsilenced)
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