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Default Autoshotguns Reanimated

Author: Criticarby26 (42)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
grandpa's fishing aid
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Reloads fixed. I forgot how ridiculous the shotgun reload speed was and used Valve's reload FPS numbers instead of the reload_layer FPS numbers. SPAS-12 pulls charging handle. I will probably upload a version later with the pump reload on the FPSFruit site which allows zips (both vpks).


Had to fix SPAS-12 texturing problems of shells pained on the part under the pump.
Good to know that snap = fadein 0.0 + fadeout 0.0, not just fadein 0.0

12/07/2011 Version: 1.1 (complete) Size: 0.51MB File: ashotguns_reanim.vpk Downloads: 4,715 Views: 27,446

My own animations for the autoshotguns. New position on screen, SPAS-12 stock unfolded

*The twitchy transition between draws and reloading to idle is fixed in the download*
*Reload speed is faster than in the video and SPAS-12 now pulls the charging handle*

Tagged: Weapon, Shotgun

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Sodapop179 Sodapop179 Posted 3 months ago

The only problem I have is that there is an actual model for the spas 12 that has the folded down stock. The only problem is that it comes with these animations, and since the other shotgun isn't separate you cannot have both. :c

huntra94 huntra94 Posted 8 months ago

I'm just asking but does this work with modded versions of the shotguns?

You need to know about extract vpks and combine them.

7 months ago
Krakseidon Krakseidon Posted 11 months ago

Can anyone remove the shadow from the SPAS fold?

I want to keep the default look

Can you explain to me more please?

7 months ago
maxwiney maxwiney Posted 1 year ago

I want the non spas version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GECKO [FR76] GECKO [FR76] Posted 1 year ago

Awesome, now it need matching models in Third person! :D

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Default Autoshotguns Reanimated DanKidGamer DanKidGamer Posted 1 year ago

Very good animations
Very Realistic
Does Not Block The Screen


No Version Without Spas Replacement
Nothing Else Really


Great Mod, Needs Version Without Spas Replacement

Default Autoshotguns Reanimated
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