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RE Tank Music

Author: DSTORQUE (7)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Fixed error with installation. Enjoy!


Added looping to some sounds.


Added videos and finalized addon.



12/02/2012 Version: 1.3 (final) Size: 37.64MB File: retank.vpk Downloads: 2,261 Views: 11,825

Replaces the tank music with the songs "Cleansing" and "Seizure of Power" from the Resident Evil movie official soundtrack.


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This mod changes the survivor lost, death, and team failure sounds to Resident Evil inspired music.

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16 Comments and 0 Reviews
Piratekitty Piratekitty Posted 5 months ago

Comment Appreciated by Developer! This by far the best tank sound ever, I love it!

AliceInHorrorland AliceInHorrorland Posted 1 year ago

Best Tank Music So Far!

Thanks! I thought is sounded pretty damn badass.

1 year ago
Liekki Liekki Posted 1 year ago

hmmm it´s faulty, I could not install this : ( "retank.vpk is not a valid Source engine add-on.Installation failed " please help ^^

Dude555 Dude555 Posted 1 year ago

whats the name of the two songs?

Seizure of Power and Cleansing off the Resident Evil Motion Picture Soundtrack made by Marilyn Manson (and Buckethead I think?).

1 year ago
NoxBadger NoxBadger Posted 1 year ago

is there a way to make a mod of the tank music so its just Seizure of power for all tank music not just the 2nd tank?

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RE Tank Music
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