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Rise of The Daleks (CI)

Author: CriticStay Puft (71)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Initial release.

12/15/2011 Version: 1.0 (complete) Size: 45.13MB File: ci_dalek.vpk Downloads: 4,084 Views: 26,128

This replaces the common infected with Daleks. Complete with sound mod. Exterminate!

Doctor Who

Oh ya....I went thereAs you can see I have rather been enjoying Staypuft's dalek Mod. So I thought w...

35 Comments and 3 Reviews
Tasqforce Tasqforce Posted 3 months ago


ThunderRhapsody ThunderRhapsody Posted 1 year ago

I love this, it's brilliant and hilarious,
the only thing that could make this better, different coloured blood and a death ray. or maybe more variation of dalek

Crowbait Crowbait Posted 1 year ago

Now that is an original. And the sounds are excellent. These bad boys are silent except for their Dalek chatter.

dead wood man dead wood man Posted 1 year ago

you should make a Dalek supreme tank

CelestiasBalls CelestiasBalls Posted 1 year ago

The models do not work no matter what does anyone know a way to fix this?


1 year ago
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Rise of The Daleks (CI) The Tankinator The Tankinator Posted 2 years ago

They are Daleks :-D
Very well detailed
Excellent sound effects.


When in Multiplayer the sounds work but the models do not, but it's not really a major concern, makes the common infected sound funny :-)


This is a MUST HAVE Mod for all of you Doctor Who fans, very amusing indeed :-)

Rise of The Daleks (CI)
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