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L4D2 Minecraft Survivors

Author: CriticSplinks (173)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
member9.6 critic9.8
1 Maps Available
Improved the 1st Person view. Enjoy!

Fixed the animation error with rochelle. So now she has her own animation once more and will work online

I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole!
Diggy diggy hole!
Diggy diggy hole!

03/23/2012 Version: 3 (complete) Size: 1.04MB File: L4D2 Minecrafters.vpk Downloads: 100,383 Views: 298,766


Ya they may not be a dwarf, but you can still diggy diggy some holes.
Enjoy minecrafters..

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zombiehunter121 zombiehunter121 Posted 4 months ago

It did not work .How can you fix.All i see is invisible survivors

Make sure you have no other survivor mods installed while using this mod.

3 months ago
Tyson3578 Tyson3578 Posted 5 months ago

how do i install mod

make it work

5 months ago

To the addons man

4 months ago

Extract the vpk. from the zipped folder, and place it here Steam/steamapps/common/left 4 dead 2/left4dead2/addons.

3 months ago
Dslayer108 Dslayer108 Posted 7 months ago

I use this all the time, but I think there's a problem with Rochelle. She looks like she's being pummeled every time the opening cinematic starts, but aside from that, how would I go about making something like this with my own Minecraft skin?

HeavenDream HeavenDream Posted 8 months ago

When I try to download it gets stuck on : downloading
Need help please :/

visit vpkme (DOT) com and search for L4D2 Minecrafters.vpk

7 months ago
lin1005 lin1005 Posted 8 months ago

idk whats wrong with mine. but it only change characters into minecraft mod. zombies still stay in original way

You gotta be kidding me! this mod is only for the suvivors.....On his profile he has the rest...LOL.

7 months ago
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L4D2 Minecraft Survivors Snowcast Snowcast Posted 1 year ago

-Joints functional
-Pivot movements Z, X, Y
-Blood effects
-Health bars show photos of the modded survivors.
-Great survivor art


-Can sometimes bug


Despite just that one con, this is a very good survivor mod. The joints are functional, pivot movements on every axis, still keeps blood effects, Health bars show the "blocky versions" of the survivors, Great artwork. Totally recommend it.

L4D2 Minecraft Survivors
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