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SWAT v2 multiplayer

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"watch my 6" she says
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This is more like an update to Mr.Lanky and kostas' existing mod pack. Making it playable on all game modes
12/24/2011 Version: 3.1 (complete) Size: 34.26MB File: swat.vpk Downloads: 5,252 Views: 19,450

Mr.Lanky and kostas super badass SWAT mod now works on every game mode.
Removed a bunch of stuff so most severs will allow it (don't really deserve much credit).
I love this mod to death, others might too, now we can enjoy it on multi-player.

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Hector White Hector White Posted 5 months ago

Actually this mod has hand in first person view, but who compiled the VPK placed arms models into material folder (the one for textures) intsead placing them into models one... -_-*
Since the uploader didn't fixed this silly error since 2011, as soon as this account reachs 1 month age I'll upload the version with hands for ppl who can't modify it themselves (crediting all authors of course).

FirstSargeant1 FirstSargeant1 Posted 7 months ago

How do you get the FPS arms? I see that you have them in your pictures.

shandon6669 shandon6669 Posted 8 months ago

Does this also add the fps arms?

Alcibiades56 Alcibiades56 Posted 10 months ago

How did you get first person arms in your screenshot? every time i use the v2 i have no arms

Mulqueeny Mulqueeny Posted 10 months ago

This is great except it needs FPS arms, please fix FPS arms and this mod will go from good to awesome.

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SWAT v2 multiplayer chaos_1984 chaos_1984 Posted 1 year ago

everything else works in multi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rochelle voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


great mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SWAT v2 multiplayer
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