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01/02/2012 Version: 1 (complete) Size: 2.31MB File: the dragon caliber-glowsights.... Downloads: 1,590 Views: 13,042

A re-texture I made for Doktor Haus' AMT Hardballer.
Custom Dragon Pachmayr Grips
Custom Worn-out Slide with Custom Engravings
Light Gray, worn-out Frame
Custom Normal Maps, Exponents and Phong
Includes a version with Glowsights

Note:this does not include dok haus' sounds.

Tagged: Weapon, Pistol, Magnum

10 Comments and 3 Reviews
tensivenewt tensivenewt Posted 1 year ago

its exactly the same as the old silverballer done by doktor haus

and the clip doesnt go in right

1 year ago
TheGamerCouch TheGamerCouch Posted 1 year ago

this would make an awesome re-texture for the normal pistol.

Ikaros_San Ikaros_San Posted 1 year ago

Now THIS is a gun,

cheezevich cheezevich Posted 2 years ago

should make a golden version!

me gusta me gusta Posted 2 years ago

is this for desert eagle or for normal pistols?

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The Dragon Caliber Yoko1995 CriticYoko1995 Posted 2 years ago

Glowing sights.
Arby's animation!


I found a bug where I see a box floating around the map, where is the laser sight pointing at.


Haha! Can't believe you made the hand over item to work online! Great job! I give you a 100%!

The Dragon Caliber
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