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l4d2 anime voice pack

Author: zekekazeGame: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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02/09/2012 Version: 1,1 (complete) Size: 207.15MB File: l4d2 anime voice.vpk Downloads: 94,858 Views: 105,964


replace survivors voice to anime voice
instructions:GCFscape to open, copy and paste it into your directory of voices from L4D2
open the console and type "snd_rebuildaudiocache"

120 Comments and 3 Reviews
DoomedYoshi DoomedYoshi Posted 2 months ago

Can't I just drop it in the addons folder and install them?

It worked for me with the other voice mods I've downloaded.

MuffinJin MuffinJin Posted 2 months ago

I find it funny how everyone is complaining about not being able to restore this mod unless you back it up.
Yes you can! And it's easy and quick as hell. All you have to do is go to properties of the game in your library, and click "Verify integrity of game cache" and steam will automatically search for missing original files and download them. The check can take from 10-30 minutes, but that's about it. The download of the sound files is relative to your internet speed but that's about it. You DON'T have to re-install the whole game.

Mors Pulchra Mors Pulchra Posted 8 months ago

Doesn't work. The command just lead me to a entering a campaign game and the files just made the game crash.

Axthen CriticAxthen Posted 8 months ago

I would have to say, for the people who think that you /cannot/ revert back to your original voices... There is a great modders motto out there somewhere... Oh wait! here it is! "BACK UP EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU FLIPPING MOD." (By Abraham Lincoln.) So if you don't back up everything, it's your own fault for not being able to revert easily :P

thats right i agree

8 months ago

vpks are meant to NOT do that.

4 months ago
Kodek (GB) Kodek (GB) Posted 8 months ago

I installed this (via putting the .vpk into the addons folder) and all the voices were extremely slow motion. No idea what's wrong, I extracted the voice clips and they're all normal speed. Did I do something wrong? But judging by the video, this mod is awesome!

haha, yeah, I was doing this too at first. If you open the vpk file using either GCF or steam's vpk tool, you will see the file tree. open all the folders until you get to the four survivor folders, and drop them in the same in your l4d2. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\sound\player\survivor\voice) then you will need to use the snd_rebuildaudiocache command in game.

Make sure you back up the original files so you can revert back with no problems.

8 months ago
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l4d2 anime voice pack JNC96248 JNC96248 Posted 1 year ago

Great Voicing

It's great for anime mods


Installation is kinda funky

More or less permanent

Original voices can still be heard.


It's good for what it does, but getting it to work was kind of a hassle. For one, the mod is irreplaceable. The way it needs to be re-installed means that to get the sound files back, you need to either find a restoration mod (if there are any) or, worst case, delete ERRTHANG, and start over.

Good thing I'm not bored of it, or I'd have to delete ERRTHANG, and start over.

All in all, it does what it is supposed to, just pray that you like anime for a LONG time.

l4d2 anime voice pack
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