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Blue and Black Tattered Uzi (Ported to L4D2)

Author: Mateoski/Chew-az/Markercap (114)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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01/24/2012 Version: 0.1 (final) Size: 4.56MB File: smg_tattered black_blue_l4d2.vpk Downloads: 646 Views: 6,610

Special thanks to Chew-az for porting this.

Credits to Markercap for the original L4D1 version.

Added custom sounds too.

6 Comments and 0 Reviews
LuckyAsian7 LuckyAsian7 Posted 1 year ago

I love the looks but the shooting sound give me a headache, is there anyway to change it back to the original uzi sound? thanks

PotatoGlados1 PotatoGlados1 Posted 2 years ago

can you make a vpk file?

What do you mean? It's always a VPK.

2 years ago

nvm i posted this a long time ago forget it :P

2 years ago
greg93 greg93 Posted 2 years ago

nice skin :D

Gdog16 Gdog16 Posted 2 years ago


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Blue and Black Tattered Uzi (Ported to L4D2)
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