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All Weapons Reanimated Pack

Author: Criticarby26 (6)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Updated scar-L

Removed broken USP.45 pink and black. restore to original valve pistols.


Removed USP.45. Back to default pistols!



No revision notes have been added by the developer.

03/15/2012 Version: 2.2 (complete) Size: 3.58MB File: All Weapons Reanimated except ... Downloads: 13,031 Views: 68,381

Do you feel like Valve's Weapons take up the whole screen? Don't worry, you can download arby26's reanimated weapons here, it's a pack made by me. This pack includes all weapon reanimated, except the pistols.

Do not add any skins or else the animation will turn back into valve animation.

The animation shown in the video do not include sounds or skins!

Below you can select pistols mod of your choice!

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Tagged: Weapon Pack, Weapon

S&W 5906 REDUX

Remake of my old S&W 5906 mod. Everything from the old mod is replaced (except flashlight)!

Dual HK Pistols - Silenced

MK23 SOCOM and USP .45 Expert for pistols. SOCOM takes the single pistol's spot, and switches to the...

Dual HK Pistols - Unsilenced

MK23 SOCOM and USP .45 Expert for pistols. SOCOM takes the single pistol's spot, and switches to the...

Pistols - SW5906's - Closer Perspective

-Alternate version to SW5906 x1 & x2-Same, but closer to the first person camera

M9 Pistols

Requested dual M9/92FS pistols ported to L4D2.Model/Texture originally by Twinke Masta. World model ...

Pistols - SW5906 x1 & x2

-Replaces the dual pistols and single pistol-Fully functional custom weapon models (in L4D2? - Yes)-...

119 Comments and 18 Reviews
overlord1524 overlord1524 Posted 1 month ago

i play lot's of game but this....
-too laggy
-stuffed up
i wouldn't be playing this....

Luny Luny Posted 3 months ago

Hey Arby, if you see this pls reply, the animations arent working for me, i use a mac for L4D2. I dont have skins too

DARKRUSH221 DARKRUSH221 Posted 3 months ago

why? can't? i download it is succes when i play it its INVISIBLE

L4d2leGamerx L4d2leGamerx Posted 3 months ago

pasame your left 4 dead 2 is perhaps a problem in my game

L4d2leGamerx L4d2leGamerx Posted 3 months ago

I install it with ami uncle GCFScape or something and when I go to play me their weapons appear invisible, like so ago I work well?

and also I have not installed any other mod


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All Weapons Reanimated Pack JMantis CriticJMantis Posted 4 months ago

Great looking animations
Proper FOV
Better then the default animations by far




One of my favorite mods, I can't play the game anymore without. :-)

All Weapons Reanimated Pack
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