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zoey body acu w vest l4d2 (red version)

Author: Wolfian/K1chwa (7)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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no vgui yet coming soon

02/10/2012 Version: 1 (complete) Size: 15.57MB File: zoey in red camo.vpk Downloads: 215 Views: 4,952

a remake of K1chwa's zoey body_acu w vest, or, red camo zoey lol much shorter :D . iall i did here was a simple recolor all or most of the credit should go to K1chwa.
p.s. for the sexy zoey undershirt part im not sure of the real author so if im told ill add em to credit more will be uploaded soon

Tagged: Zoey, Survivor

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Lumpy Thingy Lumpy Thingy Posted 2 years ago

change the hair from the pony tail to wavy and I'll download it :P

hm... not as simple as that, i can reskin, not model, if u can show me a mod that has zoeys regular body with wavy hair then i can do something, or maybe u want it to cover the other model of zoey, hm... that may take a bit of time but i think ill make an effort to try that

2 years ago
Professional CriticProfessional Posted 2 years ago

I would love the head as a separate VPK, and I'd pass out if they got ported to Left 4 Dead.

BTW, very nice job. Love the shades of the red.

not sure how i would port it to l4d1, u can but i dont kno how lol

2 years ago
Superbros15 Superbros15 Posted 2 years ago

*sees iris colors*.... icwatudidthar

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zoey body acu w vest l4d2 (red version)
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