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Rainbow Pills

Author: Critickimoto/Urik (12)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Colorful isn't it
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Nice and colorful whatdya thenk??

02/18/2012 Version: 1.0 (complete) Size: 0.02MB File: rainbow pills.vpk Downloads: 1,126 Views: 6,394

there also adrenaline this mods add some rainbow color on the pills and adrenaline
so it will make it more colorful!

Rainbow Adrenaline

Ellis is gonna Love this :D XDi have now uploaded the adrenaline. . .

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Marina2001 Marina2001 Posted 10 months ago

It is so beautiful

Kyoto Kyoto Posted 1 year ago

Yo dawg i heard you like getting high...

demonicgamer081 demonicgamer081 Posted 2 years ago

lois will be most pleased in your progress in his research

leilei leilei Posted 2 years ago

this is your drugs on drugs

zx-warrior zx-warrior Posted 2 years ago

does this work on l4d 1?

no l4d2 only

2 years ago
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Rainbow Pills
HTML Code:html | bbcode [url=http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=15264][img]http://www.l4dmaps.com/img/embed/15264.png[/img][/url] <a href="http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=15264"><img src="http://www.l4dmaps.com/img/embed/15264.png" alt ="Rainbow Pills" border="0" /></a>