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Shinku (Ellis)

Author: 1337gamer15/MMDFakewings18 (101)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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I think that Jun kid should've just hunter pounced her
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02/28/2012 Version: 1.0 (complete) Size: 4.66MB File: ellis shinku.vpk Downloads: 1,965 Views: 13,083

The last of these possessed doll girls. To be honest I actually tried watching and episode of Rozen Maiden, and I still don't get it, Is she possessed by the ghost of the girl who owned her? Anyways, to keep the cybervermin away, I didn't make the model, but you should know that from the start.

Tagged: Anime, Ellis, Cute, Survivor

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left4deadclaire left4deadclaire Posted 1 year ago

can you use this on xbox 360?


1 year ago
Robertto Robertto Posted 2 years ago

another crap of model... keep porting shit instead of better characters

To each their own ass hole.
He does requests because he's not closed minded like you.

2 years ago

man tell me how many mods you have posted?

2 years ago

@zekekaze . . . he only has one mod posted. .

2 years ago

i wish some one would make an aria model from hidan no aria

1 year ago

Better than anything you would make

7 months ago
NightWolfy NightWolfy Posted 2 years ago

Haha, Rozen Maiden is a very... strange series. I personally couldn't stand Shinku :P
The dolls were made by Rozen, Their spirits are from deceased children.
However their fighting for a chance to become a complete girl, Alice.
But only one can become her. :)
Thus the fighting. :P

Good set of models, Thanks :)

Suigintou is the real alice

2 years ago
Auslander66 Auslander66 Posted 2 years ago

lol, you've got this whole gothic lolita thing covered. Since on the topic of anime, have you any interest in making Revy from Black Lagoon? She'd fit perfectly in L4D2 with all the akimbo Beretta options around. ^_^

He's finishing the things he has now first before taking anymore requests, and he'll need a model anyway

2 years ago
zekekaze zekekaze Posted 2 years ago

Now Suigintou and Shinku are not going to be able to fight no more, will have to survive the zombie apocalypse

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Shinku (Ellis)
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