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Lightning 2 GUI

Author: LtGeneral Andrew (2)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Version 1.1

-Fixes unintentional modding of Zoey's lobby picture.

Version 1.0

-Released Version 1.0
03/04/2012 Version: 1.1 (complete) Size: 0.27MB File: lightning 2 gui.vpk Downloads: 2,958 Views: 15,519

Replaces Rochelle's GUI's to Lightning's

Based on ioe's Lightning GUI


Since crossovers and ports are all the rage as far as survivor models go, the iconic main protagonis...

Lightning GUI

Swaps Zoey's GUI name and images with Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.Made to compliment a mod cre...

Lightning 2

This is a character reskin mod that replaces Rochelle with Lightning.This also replaces Rochelle's m...

21 Comments and 0 Reviews
sobwitchhunter sobwitchhunter Posted 10 months ago

it changes the picture but it still says rochelle

brandon520 brandon520 Posted 1 year ago

Image changes but not name in-game as in lobby!

rangerofinfection12 rangerofinfection12 Posted 1 year ago

nah! Not working on me.

Pope Pius IX Pope Pius IX Posted 1 year ago

Doesn't work.

Devian50 Devian50 Posted 2 years ago

Uh quick tip. This isn't a GUI. GUI stands for General User Interface. This is a character reskin (and rename :P).

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Lightning 2 GUI
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