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Team Fortress 2 menu mod

Author: Cade O. Randall (Adincia) (9)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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03/20/2012 Version: 1 (final) Size: 0.26MB File: team fortress 2.vpk Downloads: 647 Views: 7,361

I felt like putting a Team Fortress 2 mod together, it isn't all that good, but if you want me to make a better one when I have more time, send a mail. Comments insulting me will not be tolerated and removed.

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arda881 arda881 Posted 7 months ago

Not bad

hunterkillerxxxx hunterkillerxxxx Posted 1 year ago

for realism vs it should have been blu demoman and red soilder

LoL4Dead LoL4Dead Posted 1 year ago

Not bad

It IS bad.

11 months ago
crasher_3637 crasher_3637 Posted 1 year ago

Um, can anyone tell me how to put that background of left 4 dead 2 in my menu. I know it's from the loading screen at startup but I want it in the menu as well to give some brightness

go into your l4d game directory/media and remove all the l4d_background01.bik (1 to 5) and it should just leave you with that :D

1 year ago
Nod_Lucario Nod_Lucario Posted 2 years ago

Do I just put this in my addons folder?


2 years ago
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Team Fortress 2 menu mod
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