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[mL] Pills

Author: Crissans!!! (33)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Added more complete light reflections, before it only had a "normal" simple texture.

Redesign the design now have the word "Pills"


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04/24/2012 Version: 2.0 (complete) Size: 0.62MB File: [mL] Midnight Legacy Pills.vpk Downloads: 1,825 Views: 8,571

Metal pills bottle with a "Midnight Legacy Community" logo.

*Added more complete light reflections, before it only had a "normal" simple texture.
*Redesign the design now have the word "Pills"

Logo by: astroplus
Translation by: Shanny
Skin mod by: Crissans

[mL] Expired Pills!

Expired pills bottle, with humidity signs and some holes made over time.Logo by: astroplusTranslatio...

[mL] MedPills

Retexturized Pills!!! What do you get when you combine a medkit and pills? MEDPILLS D:In red colo...

11 Comments and 0 Reviews
demonlantern demonlantern Posted 1 year ago

this is cool

qvxpk qvxpk Posted 1 year ago

the special equipment for louis :))

Hype332 Hype332 Posted 1 year ago

Looks nice, looks better than the normal ones, nice job!

iiwarriori iiwarriori Posted 1 year ago

hmmm , i cant seems to use this cool pills, any advice?

Do not use other pills VPK!!!

( just use one VPK pills in ur addons directory)

1 year ago
AC/DC Freak AC/DC Freak Posted 2 years ago


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[mL] Pills
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