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This add-on has been abandoned by the author or admins.

Note:Ehh, I'm abandoning this website. Not really my cup of tea anymore. All maps will only be accessible by friends that also includes The Walking Dead campaign and my collection of SpeedBoost Campaigns. I might upload them to the workshop or gamebanana but I don't care much for this website anymore. BTW I am SlamScarfice DA BEYTAH GOD!

Never Ending War: Chapter 3

Author: SpeedBoost (7)Game: L4D2Add-On: CampaignMaps: 5/5
rating8.4 Co-op map for co-op play Survival map for survival mode Versus map for versus play
Map 1
5/5 Maps Available
  • - Train Yard
  • - Apartments
  • - Gunshop
  • - Prison
  • - Storage Faclity
Campaign Status: 100% Complete

Fixed a couple issues in the maps
Map 2- Changed the saferoom to wood.
Map 3- Took out some items that could respawned on map 4.
Map 4- Took out some items and took out glass on ceiling of facility.


I brought this map back from the dead with a revamp.

Music-Elbow Dead island
Skins- Funeral K1chwa


Every map on versus got score changes.
Marking as final

Map 1-----------

-Extra tanks and witchs will not spawn in versus now

Map 2-----------

-Extra tanks and witches will not spawn in versus now

Map 3----------

Changed spawn number of a molotov to 1
Changed the amount of time to pick the lock on each one.

Map 4---------

Extra tanks and witches will not spawn on versus
Outro is now killed on versus


-Custom music
-Added custom voice actors
-Fixed a bunch of little things

Bots grab weapons now
No longer have to use the "use" key to break the boards.
Added fire in outside buildings
Made textures more better looking.
Made the map more optimized
The door now glows that had to be broken.
Added radio in start area with plane guy
Changed intro
Added a dead body of bill
Gas station horde is different
Fixed ladder by putting it on the other side of the building
Changed the lighing
Added more props
Charger no longer spawns one you try to break the door more than once

Fixed ladder
Added more props
Fixed some god spots
Added ladder to back of a trailer
Added more overlays
Changed terrain of plane crash
Added radio with plane dude
Fixed charger spawn once button is pressed
Added more melee weapons
Different lighting
Placed melee weapon in front of the gunstore

Made map run faster
Horde event was changed a bit
No longer have to use the "use" key to break the boards
Made map more detailed
More props
Different lighting

Added custom voice actor Nick smith
Added arrow to make it easier to find Rescue Car
Changed lighing
Added more props
Added more items
Shuffled up the storage crates in finale
Changed minigun to a munted machine gun


Map 1------
Added more no draw texture.

Map 2------
Fixed the messed up spawning on versus.
Fixed rc spawning in versus.

Map 3-----
Alarm shuts off now.
You should not be able to spawning in the wrong saferoom when you die.
Fixed rc spawning in versus.

Should be the last update for a while.

Took out boomer skin
Made a custom tank skin for the finale
Added a survival map.
Map 3-----
Remade almost the whole map

Map 4----
Made some minor changes.

Marking as Complete


-Fixed graffiti not showing
-New survival map
-Works on versus

Map 1----
The apartments are flooded.
The gnome is moved.
Added some minor changes
Map 2-----
Added some survivor lines
Some other minor changes
Map 3--------
Fixed survivors spawning in the wall
Fixed weapons in the air
Added more graffiti
Map 4------------

I plan to be not many more updates on this map.


Added third level
New props
New graffiti

Very minor changes

Patched the glitch to get outside the map
Added more items on survival
Added a breakable wall.



Added 2nd level
Added boomer skin
Added riot zombies on 2nd level.
Added custom textures.
Added survival map on 2nd level
Took out horde in apartments
Made gas station a forced horde
Added another building to go in.
Removed and moved some items.
Witch spawn was moved just a little bit.
Added ply wood boards you have to break.
Updates the nav
Added director querys.
and some more


-Added a plane that flies in the intro.
-Added small hills on a bit of the oustide area.
-Added a NEW horde event.
-Added some holes that could help the infected a bit more.
-Fixed the infected ladders (now SI will climb up them when needed).
-Added 1 breakable wall.
-Added a couple of more suvivor lines. (you have to listen carfully to hear all of them).
-Added some more force SI spawns (hunter, spitter, jockes and smoker).
-Added more battlefield and battlestation nav marks.
-Added a bit more props and story to the map ("The Looter Will be Shot" graffiti in the gas station then having a dead female looter with a crowbar there).
-Toned down the lighting in the dinner area.

-Again Zombies turn black randomly when the lights are off, I am not sure why this is happening.
-In the horde I would have liked more zombies and a made a lot of the areas battlefield and battlestation but yet I don't get as much I would like.
-The alarm loops and I tried putting triggers but yet no luck I really need help on this one the most.


-Added some ambients (fire sound, survivor lines like Nick will say "watch out for chargers" at the apartments)
-Added more cars at the road area.
-Took out the alarm car.
-The gas station horde event is a little more harmful now because I added "mark battlefield and mark battlestation".
-Added more decals and ovrlays.
-Some more props.
-Decreased the size of the of the invisable walls on a building.
-Added clips to the stairs and some props on the apartment rooftops.
-Changed some invisable walls to player clips on the rooftop.
-Changed the fence to police barricades.
-Added a gnome can you find it????????
-Added a explosive car by the gas station (those who have played the dead hotel beta know what this is).

Q The witch spawn is way to difficult.
A Yes, I know it was ment to be like that I will not change it either, I did have gas can on the apatment building so you can use that if you have a gun.
Q Why are the infected black
A I don't know...
Q Why are there invisable walls on the building with the sniper rifle.
A I did not want survivors to get on the other side of the building and go out of the map. I did make it even lower before I realsed this update but I changed it on the last minute because you could hang on the invisable wall and walk out of the map.

Now this will really be in Beta.

-Added a horde event when gas station is ignited (SEE ISSUES).
-Took out water in the apartments.
-Changed the color of the fog.
-Fixed the road, now it is not streched.
-Chairs are now prop_physics.
-Added infected ladders.
-Edited some of the props.
-Edited some of the nav because of some props being changed.
-Added Media (Posters,thumbnails,etc)
-Added one ambient lol (See Issues, I already have soundscaps btw)
-Edited the the terrain outside by just a little bit.
-And some other minor stuff...

-Sometimes the horde will not come when the gas station is ignited I have no idea why, it is something random and I could use some help on that.
-I will by honest here I am new to ambients and soundscaps (I did add soundscaps and they worked) but whenever I add ambients on a walkable area like the plywood nothing happens. The only ambient I got to work is when ellis talks in the start of the map but that is because I added a trigger, so please help me on these issues.



This is my first Campaign but not my first map, This is on alpha right now but I really think I could use you're guys help.
Problems I could use help on---------
The water will change to a greenish color that I do not know how to fix and I did the water load thing and it still changes green.

Stuff I plan to do------
I will add a campaign poster and thumbnail for the maps (I know how to do that, I may do it when it makes to beta).
I will add lines for the survivors later and some other update
This campaign I hope to be 4 maps long...
and more....

06/17/2013 Version: 3.1 (final) Size: 122.84MB File: neverendingwar.vpk Downloads: 107,390 Views: 103,572

Never Ending War was a campaign started in mid March 2012 and has been worked on since, It is a 5 map campaign (Started as 4 but had a lot of time on my hands to fix it) Has voice actors, custom graffiti, custom textures, and a custom tank skin.
The maps are Train Yard, Apartments, Gunshop, Prison, Storage facility.
Will you end this war versus zombies?
This is a sequel to Frozen and Prequel to Kicked Out.

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ajpjunio ajpjunio Posted 5 months ago

Whats the title of the song at the end of the campaign?

Lonesurvivor12 Lonesurvivor12 Posted 9 months ago

hi I was thinkin you could give me the mod you have on the last pic with the tank. she looks really pretty I would like a teen zoey body on that mod.

That's my mod, and lol nope, there is no way in hell I'm releasing that to the public just so they can defile and destroy and fetishize her with all that damn "teenangst" emo/goth/rocker/punk/commando shit.

8 months ago
JohnCoolling411 JohnCoolling411 Posted 9 months ago

I just saw this mod on SSOHPKC's channel. Nice to see he plays these campaigns.

Deadinside1111 Deadinside1111 Posted 9 months ago

Can you make a daryl and meryl campgain :) cuz I think l4dmaps needs to make one. I like your maps and you need to make one plz. If anyone ellis can make one it would be nice, like if the people that made back to school made one would be cool too.

Why are people so stupid. No one will make this daryl campaign for you because everyone has a life for one and you are a lifeless loser.

9 months ago

Hey dude shut up i can shoose to do whatever i want :L you need to know we have freedom of speech and the frist amendmnt says i can say wat I want. so stop it you cunt. I am not a loser btw you are a loser.

9 months ago

dude a daryl campaign would be cool. even if they showed other characters dieing. Just like walking dead.

9 months ago

Are you guys kidding me, you actually think this guy is gonna make a Walking dead campaign for you. omg just wow why are people so dumb.
And lone survivor why do think he is gonna put in this campaign, with survivors being killed? What are you even talking about I just don't understand... My god l4dmaps has gone to shit.

9 months ago

he u know what you shut up Punchout. I am sure anyon can make a Walking dead campaign it must not be hard cuz l4d2 is in georgia and that must make it easier cuz then u have all that you need right there, deadinside is right we should find someone to make a wlaking dead campaign now! it could be beter than back to school or somethinf! but if daryl dies in it we riot!

9 months ago

Dude I know this girl in the pic is really pretty lookin it would be nic if someond put that zoey mod with the big boobs on her body or even teen agnst zoey style if you know what i mean. Also it could maybe make it so the survivors are
Ellis - Daryl
Nick - Meryl
Rochelle - Michonne
Coach - Rick

i like that idea. I copied it off another post on this site but i agree with it. then l4d1 survivors should fransis - t-dog lowis - govner zoey - andrea (or the chick in the last picture could be a made up character, or keep as zoey) bill - hershal with no leg in wheel chair.
i hope you guys like the idea it could work for 3 to 4 l4d2 campaigns. maybe one based off the facebook or video game could wokr too. :D

9 months ago

dude i agree with everything, hershal should have not leg and hop though with long hair. Daryl should have bandana. and it should have hordes every level and people or npcs dieing. cooleo. I wonder if we should make this a forum post on l4dmaps forums? Punchout you are so rude I dont like you (reported). anyways with him gone you could make a forum post! maybe someone will make it. like the maker of this campaign.

9 months ago

cool dude i will check it out.

9 months ago

I have lost faith in humanity.

9 months ago
SpeedBoost SpeedBoost Posted 9 months ago

If you guys get missing models or textures it is not my fault! Blame no one but valve because valve took them out in the recent update. The reason why is they were unused models in Cold Stream so they removed them. Why now idk. I can upload a mod that can fix this. (thanks to Rayman) It also happens to other campaigns as well like Undead Zone and Yama!

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