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[mL] Tecate

Author: Crissans!!! (33)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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04/18/2012 Version: 1.0 (complete) Size: 0.65MB File: [mL] Tecate.vpk Downloads: 241 Views: 2,628

Tecate beer pills, this mod was made thanks to "MrLanky" and his mod dr Pepper

Logo by: astroplus
Translation by: Shanny
Skin mod by: Crissans

Tagged: Item, Pain Pills

7 Comments and 0 Reviews
Alexsachiel Alexsachiel Posted 1 year ago

Para los ke se llenan de cesos... y no se rajan.... Tecate por ti :D

kisas nadie entienda esto... solo mexicanos :D

haha esa es la pinche actitud!!!

1 year ago

ahuevo, es bueno encontrar un compatriota por aki XD

1 year ago
MrLanky CriticMrLanky Posted 1 year ago

Tasty! :)


1 year ago
1337gamer15 1337gamer15 Posted 1 year ago

too bad johnnie walker blue label comes in bottles. but if you could make a can version, then that would make me a happy capitalist

evil_pyro evil_pyro Posted 1 year ago

lol good skins. pass a drug addict to be drunk luis

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[mL] Tecate
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