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P90 script

Author: dgrayman12345 (9)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Sexy weapon isn't it??
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04/30/2012 Version: 1 (complete) Size: 0MB File: p90 script.vpk Downloads: 1,956 Views: 13,450

A little script to go with Arby26's P90. Increased damage and accuracy, lower fire rate and the P90 goes to the pistol slot (stats comparing to valve's default silenced smg)
This just a script change and will only work on single player or on locally hosted servers.
As for where to download the actual model,google it/ask me for link (PM)
Let me say this again for those who did not get it, i did not make the P90 model and will not take credit for it as it is made by ARBY26!!!!!!!!

i'll go ahead and stuff credits here anyway(for P90)
Short_Fuse, Soul_Slayer-Model
Thanez, Enin, Stoke, Fxdarkloki - Textures

Tagged: Script, Gameplay

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CommanderX24 CommanderX24 Posted 1 year ago

Could you possibly make it where it doesnt go into your pistol slot?

cheezevich cheezevich Posted 1 year ago

size for file is 0MB... does that mean VIRUS?

Most mods that simply modify the scripts don't actually contain enough data for a large sized file since it only changes text-based data. Think of it like a notepad file; incredibly small but can contain whole mounts of information. ;D

1 year ago
Jamesben10 Jamesben10 Posted 1 year ago

P90P90P90P909P9099P09P90 MY FAVORITE GUN OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!

lionodub lionodub Posted 1 year ago

Does any1 know which map u find it on?

seriously? c1m2

1 year ago
Doktor Haus CriticDoktor Haus Posted 1 year ago

Arby isn't going to release L4D2 mods here anymore.

Why he dont upload anymore?

1 year ago

Clerify why exactly and where otherwise ill hold that statement invalid.

1 year ago
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P90 script
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