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Blades' Sword (Skyrim)

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05/11/2012 Version: 1.0 (final) Size: 0.54MB File: katana.vpk Downloads: 4,355 Views: 27,027

The Blades' Sword from Skyrim on the default katana animations. Just a quick little compile I did out of boredom. The blade is reflective. Take a break from fighting wolves and kill some zombies!

Bethesda Softworks, LLC - model, textures
Doktor haus - porting, hack, compile
K1CHWA - shaders, normals

17 Comments and 0 Reviews
Wolfred Bane Wolfred Bane Posted 3 months ago

What skin is that in the 6th picture?

CoachnChocolate CoachnChocolate Posted 1 year ago

Its the Akaviri Dragon Bane katana

if you play Oblivion you will see what it really is called in the Elder Scrolls line

8 months ago
lzx8056348 lzx8056348 Posted 1 year ago

Many Japanese culture is affected by our Chinese Tang Dynasty effects, including samurai sword is the imitation of China Tang Dao

projectomega05 projectomega05 Posted 1 year ago

Well, technically, in Skyrim you do fight zombies. They are just called Draugr.

FILM FILM Posted 1 year ago

It's shiny... It's beautiful... It's... a KATANA :o

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Blades' Sword (Skyrim)
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