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Author: deathshadow (82)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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08/25/2012 Version: 1.0 (complete) Size: 16.81MB File: husk-common infected 2.vpk Downloads: 3,228 Views: 17,989

i would like to personally apologize to slamtl92. i have learned that you have challenges and i believe making fun of someone that has challenges isn't right and makes me look weak. i am sorry. anyway this is my first infected model its a husk from mass effect to replace the hunter more coming

37 Comments and 2 Reviews
Daft Chuck Daft Chuck Posted 1 year ago

I think it would be better if it was for all zombies !

Inimical Inimical Posted 1 year ago

Was looking forward to using this how ever the pink texture problem seems more trouble than it's worth for a non PC guru like me. so ill skip it. looks good though.

deathshadow deathshadow Posted 1 year ago

damnit i updated the wrong file meant to be husk CI sorry bout that


Don't sweat it, it happens. But does this mean you no longer have the Hunter version of this mod?

1 year ago
slamatl92 slamatl92 Posted 1 year ago

i will never forgive you jerk

Deathshadow... You don't have to apologize to this guy! He's an inconsiderate ass with a bad attitude, and is very infamous for his lousy skins, and his douche-bag personality.

He once closed his old account because of the negative feed back he got.

1 year ago

There both kind of childish if you ask me but yea I must agree with what is said above

1 year ago

Atleast Deathshadow makes better skins than Slamatl92's simple recolors :D

1 year ago

Slamatl92, ur mods suck... the only thing u are "modding" its a horrible skins and repetitive tank music mods, dang dude.. well anyways, Deathshadow, thanks a lot for ur work, i really appreciate it! some nice ideas for the game. Thanks!

1 year ago
RochelleFTW RochelleFTW Posted 1 year ago

Awesome! Now you need to add:
Witch -> Banshee
Tank -> Brute
Charger -> Cannibal
Smoker -> Marauder
Spitter -> Ravager

That's all I can think of.

And maybe the Jockey could be a Geth Hopper lol

1 year ago

Or the Hunter could be a Geth Hopper.
Just a thought.

1 year ago

*reads title*

Yes, the Geth Hopper should be something that IS ALREADY REPLACING THSI! READ THE TITLE!

1 year ago
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Husk-Hunter connor_beyond connor_beyond Posted 1 year ago

-Simplistic design
-Easily fits the model of hunter


-Doesn't QUITE fit the tone of the game, but hey, it's a mod so that's what a lot of them do. (no real points taken)


Overall, a good hunter Model that could also be used as a Common Infected if you have the time to make that too. If it is made I'll download that too.

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