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Author: SebbishGame: L4DAdd-On: Map
Awaiting5 votes Survival map for survival mode
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Map Status: 100% Complete

This is the first release.

08/08/2009 Version: 1 (complete) Size: 6.75MB File: runtothehill.vpk Downloads: 3,876 Views: 13,374

No way out? Just run to the hill!
This is a survival map with a house where you shall defend yourselves. There is a few more places to stand, 6 hidden medkits, 2 of every gun, one minigun and another minigun that cant be reached... or can it?

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person221 person221 Posted 4 years ago

i would download right now if it played run to the hills lol

Impster Impster Posted 4 years ago

Can somebody tell me what's happening on the 4th screenshot?

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