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Urik Game Menu (with Rayman's Mutation Mod)

Author: Urik_Kane, Rayman1103 (56)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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- fixed custom flyouts
- brightened chat input line in game lobby

- fixed stuff in custom campaigns menu

- fixed reported missing textures

- tweaked some icons, further reduced filesize
- random pos/nav tweaks and fixes

v1.82 - fixed colors in gamelobby

Holidays update. Will stay for a few weeks or so.
The vpk is intentionally named differently in case you wanna keep the regular version.
Check out other linked mods to go with it.

- added some features to extras flyout
- reloadfont button now executes reloadfont.cfg file instead of aliased command (gotta have one)
- narrowed flyouts in Main Menu. This means extra wide fonts like Bank Gothic may not fully fit anymore and get clipped, depending on language
I got tired of them flyouts being too far right, and it is rare for fonts to be that wide anyway
I will focus on mostly supporting Vfonts from now onwards
- Rayman version: removed custom l4d_spinner animation, since "extended mutation system" files were causing it to fallback to default texture anyway
- pushed Main Menu buttons a bit further to the left of screen, so in 16:10 they might feel a bit too far left now
I could've set them to be similar in all aspects, but that wouldn't work with 48:9/48:10 (Eyefinity/Surround)
- dimmed down left4dead2logo
- rearrangements in: addons menu, regular mutations menu
- foundgames game info remaining colors dimmed down
- achievements menu colors dimmed down
- replaced remaining dividers at top & bottom of panel lists

- redesigned all icons, texture and animations
- fix positioning for new textures
- modified workshop downloading progress panel
- added requested "private" option for lobby permissions
- eased the coloring on texts, defaulted many to default or less colorful

- customize regular mutations menu

- fixed what I screwed up previously
- reverted to default gamemode icons, mutation icons altered accordingly
- set regular mutations flyout' "initial focus" to what it should be (start game)
- added the requested private game option; I deliberately put it as 3rd option in the flyout because it the least used/important, but also mostly because I don't wanna re-define all initial focuses within parent resources.
I haven't (as usual) really tested all this, so that you know.


updated to current Rayman's v39

updated to Rayman's ver 37

Updated to v36.0 of Rayman Mutation Mod
Updated to v1.6 of Urik Game Menu

- Updated to v35.1 of Rayman's Mutation Mod

With Rayman's updated v.35 Mutation Mod

02/06/2014 Version: 1.94 (complete) Size: 4.69MB File: urik game menu + rayman mutati... Downloads: 7,732 Views: 26,529

Tagged: GUI, Menu, Mutation

Rayman1103's Mutation Mod

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35 Comments and 2 Reviews
AL4DMapsUser AL4DMapsUser Posted 4 weeks ago

Could you be able to make a version of this that has the mutations mod and is compatible with improved bots advanced?

E=Munch.2 E=Munch.2 Posted 4 months ago

When I finish any campaign and just as the game stats normally appear it starts to load a new campaign starts to load and all vocal communication cuts out. We often chat while watching the stats. I hope this is a bug and not intentional. As it is, a cant use your mod with this issue.

Is anybody else getting this issue, and what's your opinion of this.

it starts to load a new campaign and all vocal communication cuts out.

4 months ago

Well, it does include modified stats_crawl.txt
May it be the cause of problem, I dunno, but that's the file I would suspect as the cause.
I also don't know what role that file plays in Rayman's mod and if it's connected to functionality of any custom mutations.
You may notify Rayman of the bug.
But if this does never happen with original Rayman's Mutation Mod, let me know.

4 months ago

I was using and am currently using Raymans Mutation Menu regrettably, Not that there anything wrong with his mod, I just prefer your menu. I don't have the issue with a new campaign loading at the point where the stats normally appear with Raymans mod. I'll try removing all VPK's except your menu over the weekend in order to rule out any conflicts and let you know the outcome.

4 months ago
MarloyIsMe MarloyIsMe Posted 4 months ago

I don't know why, but my loading icon always changing to default one, when i am loading to a server...

I suppose it's how L4D2 handles UI addons now - they get unloaded once connected to a server.
It makes sense since they did previously restrict ability to re-load addons while in a game, so now they went further and make l4d2 just unload all addon ..\l4d360ui\ resource files entirely when joining a game.

4 months ago
Nosfrat Nosfrat Posted 4 months ago

I'm not sure which one of the two mods added that to begin with, but the added stats in the credits (tanks killed, total specials killed) aren't here anymore with this new version. Any chance they could be added back?

I don't know. I never included such thing on my part, don't know about Rayman, you can ask him.

4 months ago
Mista Ballista Mista Ballista Posted 4 months ago

Can you update the other version that doesn't have Rayman's Mutation mod?

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Urik Game Menu (with Rayman's Mutation Mod) elusivepuzzle elusivepuzzle Posted 1 year ago

awesome! adds so much more functionality to L4D!


the other people have to have it too, but that's expected.


If you only get one mod, it should be this one. btw, is there a list anywhere of what all the mods do? also, what other mods do you recommend using with this one?

Urik Game Menu (with Rayman's Mutation Mod)
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