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Minecraft Characters

Author: Gunzers6 (4)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Ellis as TF2 Spy
1 Maps Available

+ Added Name Changes

+ Added in Game icons, will add lobby pics later

+ Added in custom difficulty and Idle names, WIP at moment

- Removed Herobrine


Will add L4D1 survivors later, need help with VGUI.

08/18/2012 Version: 1.1 (complete) Size: 0.77MB File: minecraft_people.vpk Downloads: 1,021 Views: 18,058

Replaces the L4D2 survivors with 4 Minecraft skins. The VGUI is updated, but still in progress before being finished. The L4D1 survivors will be separate due to problems. Check out the Changelog for additional information.

L4D2 Minecraft Survivors

* IMPROVED 1ST PERSON ARMSYa they may not be a dwarf, but you can still diggy diggy some holes.Enjoy...

6 Comments and 0 Reviews
SwaggyMclovin SwaggyMclovin Posted 2 months ago

Yes I can be RAY!

raventwo15 raventwo15 Posted 1 year ago

hey, can u edit the skins?

TheVooDude TheVooDude Posted 1 year ago

Ellis is spy! sorry, can't resist xD

RobinOlsen2011 RobinOlsen2011 Posted 1 year ago

Not Steve, "char2".

Gunzers6 Gunzers6 Posted 1 year ago

Almost 2000 views and only one comment. What?

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Minecraft Characters
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