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Author: deathshadow (82)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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finally fixed it


fixed wrong file


fixed some helmets (pink and black)


fixed coach skin for some people


No revision notes have been added by the developer.

11/01/2012 Version: 2.3 (complete) Size: 18.52MB File: csgo gign.vpk Downloads: 5,017 Views: 31,993

Another replacement with the French special ops i believe. Coach and Rochelle have there visors up and Nick and Ellis have them down.

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pyro1337 pyro1337 Posted 7 months ago

lol the guy with TMP and shotgun is fat

RoCKeR888 RoCKeR888 Posted 1 year ago

nooooo bad ghost rider nick very gooooooooooooooooooood

koushiro80 koushiro80 Posted 1 year ago

Love this i hope to see the Russian Omon or even spetsnaz

jahpal jahpal Posted 1 year ago

sorry to tell you, but i get a Vertical Black line across the screen on the Left hand Side. i don't think its fix , maybe im doin something wrong any suggestions will appreciate. thank you...

rjacky rjacky Posted 1 year ago

I really need a SAS team....

I was really wanting them too ill check again to make sure theres a model. i hope there is ill contact the guy who makes all these ports to garrysmod (where i got the models)

1 year ago
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CS:GO GIGN Whiie CriticWhiie Posted 1 year ago

Same good stuff from CS: GO

Visors are actually transparent

First person hands included

Coach has the right skin color


FP hands are misplaced when using the auto shotguns

Coach watched too much nope.avi

Shoulders are partially visible in FP with assault rifles

Fingers are pretty buggy in thidperson


If you look away from all the little problems with the hands, it's a really great and simple pack.

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