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Rom (Louis)

Author: UniBlackheart (36)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Fixed a few problems in animations.


No revision notes have been added by the developer.

10/30/2012 Version: 1.1 (complete) Size: 2.26MB File: romfixed.vpk Downloads: 5,257 Views: 18,811

30/10/2012- fixed some animation errors.

Blancs 2nd sister and Ram twin sister join.

Replaces Louis

No incap and facial as per.

(8 Pack) Neptunia survivors

06/11/2012- Added incap images and changes the character potraits.Finally..my goal has been complete...

(4 pack L4D1 Suvivors) CPU Candidates

29/10/2012- Fixed nepgears textureless armsThis is the other separate mods in one pack, I hope you e...

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Nyan-San Nyan-San Posted 1 month ago

Thanks UniBlackheart! I was looking for a replacement for Louis that involved Hyperdimension Neptunia, Because it was hard to find a separate mod for Louis since it usually comes with a survivor pack.

Shella Shella Posted 11 months ago

ok, baka question, can i remove or edit close_captionenglish in the VPK to avoid conflict them or slap it all together with Changing name mod? cause last time i try remove both Claire mod with Purple Heart V's close_captionenglish in the VPK mod.
Name go representative But they both become invisible model. lucky i make backup both custom model file and add on along with changing name mod, conflict but go as i hope for. aaaah my head hurt for conflicting mods here and there. @_@

Viral Viral Posted 1 year ago

@UniBlackheart: Your mods so far are really great! May I make a request? Could you put Ram as Zoey, and Rom as Rochelle? I really like their outfits! :)

Spray_N_Pray1 Spray_N_Pray1 Posted 1 year ago

hey uni can you possibly make a name change for Rom, Ram and Uni please? :D

There already is a name change, you probably have a conflicting mod.

1 year ago

hmm ... i dont have any mods for louis, bill or francis but ... i DO have a k-on survival pack which makes one character replace zoey even though i downloaded each character i wanted seperately .. do you think that may be the problem?

1 year ago

You can check the close_captionenglish in the VPK, thats where the name changes are.

1 year ago
UniBlackheart UniBlackheart Posted 1 year ago

So worn out...but..need to redo Uni..then..I will be complete..

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Rom (Louis)
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