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KBar survival

Author: CriticK1CHWA (332)Game: L4DAdd-On: Map
Awaiting5 votes Survival map for survival mode
1 Maps Available
Map Status: 95% Complete

added/replaced a few textures,
added tapper arcade,
added sounds to arcade machines,
changed lighting over bar,
added .rad lighting to neon trim,
added more neon trim,
changed sounds from .wav to mp3,
func_detailed a few more brushes


fixed issue with door physics knocking over gas pump
fixed ambient generic that was calling for wrong song
reworked a few textures
added a few more lights, mdls, etc....


added refracts, more trim detail, arcade machine, mini gun and mo.


uses last working edit but updated with better textures.


added refracts, cleaned up/up-rezed some textures, added more trim, changed textures on swinging light, and some other stuff.


fixed window exploit in red building found by reptile houses doktor haus
added more critters


added detail to aquarium and aslo some fish, added smoke to kitchen and steam to warehouse...and big 360 is now destructible


fixed missing mdl in bar


fix bad prop, added trim to windows/doors, added clips and fixed nav on stairs so bots shouldnt get stuck anymore, and some other stuff i cant remember atm......


No revision notes have been added by the developer.

03/12/2014 Version: 1.6 (complete) Size: 68.85MB File: kbar.vpk Downloads: 15,125 Views: 13,909

SURVIVAL MAP - please read the following before playing. coop mode is for picture taking only. light switches (in bar, gas station closet, and warehouse) that have glow will turn lights on/off
to start survival event ...shoot the balloon! KBar has many custom textures and sprites i made just for it. weapons and such are spread out on map for survivors to find before starting event. map uses 3 textures from tophattwaffles realworld pack.
constructive feedback would be appreciated so i can make improvements.

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4 Comments and 0 Reviews
overlord1524 overlord1524 Posted 1 month ago

(just noticed) this guy loves dual pistol....
dose he?

overlord1524 overlord1524 Posted 1 month ago

Is this good or bad. I fing it alright...

not that scary though....

ProZSeekerz ProZSeekerz Posted 9 months ago

hei where should i put this map when finish download ...... pleze help me

Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\addons

9 months ago
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KBar survival
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