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M60 infinite ammo

Author: Sableagle (33)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Charger, Hunter, Tank, Zoey, Rikku and a fresh belt of ammunition.
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M60 script copied from another mod, damage copied from default G3-SG1 "military sniper rifle" script and ammunition set to Magnum pistol for infinite reloads.

12/22/2012 Version: 1.0 (final) Size: 0MB File: m60_inf_ammo.vpk Downloads: 1,780 Views: 6,288

Infinite reloads for the M60 belt-fed machine-gun.

Please note that it still discards when empty, so you have to manually reload it.

I couldn't find the default M60 script, so the damage characteristics are the same as for the default G3-SG1 "military sniper rifle" because they use the same 7.62x51mm ammunition IRL.

Tagged: Script, Gameplay

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Creeper123 Creeper123 Posted 3 months ago

Shut up Spartan Drive you troll IT WORKS!

Spartan Drive Spartan Drive Posted 6 months ago

This is a mod that does not give reload to the m60 for infinite ammo. It stays stuck in your add-on list after uninstalling, causes horrendous lag, and the common infected are colored pitch black with white hair.

sappy119360 sappy119360 Posted 1 year ago

um by manuel reload do u mean the r button?

Yes. You have to press that before it runs down to 0.

1 year ago
garytan123 garytan123 Posted 1 year ago

can it reload?(ask before i download)

There's some sort of animation that I *think* is the AK47 reload: mag off; mag on; pull and release bolt. That refills it to 200. As long as you do that in quiet moments and don't run it down to 0, it's got infinite ammo, so the fact ammo piles don't replen it is irrelevant.

1 year ago
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M60 infinite ammo
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