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Spawning L4D1 Survivors in L4D2 (fixed)

Author: JosephSolomon (2)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Added hidehud console code, to remove crosshairs.


Removed god 1, and other ammos as requested by some, but retains sv_cheats 1 because it is needed for the addition of the l4d1 survivor.

Issues unable to solve
- l4d1 bots not following, despite bug issues though it still works in the game, as they are developed by valve not to follow as they are originally not part of the campaign game itself, yet generally it worked.


updated and merged dziggy's improved bots using listenerserver.cfg content with l4d1sur.cfg content, to fixed bot bugging issues of them not moving.
Prerequisites that includes:
- Does not have similar add-on (botfixes.vpk), because it might conflict with this one
- The version of L4D2 must contain dlc content officially by Valve (the passing, the sacrifice).


No revision notes have been added by the developer.


Additional update: firstperson has been added to remove thirdperson view.

//simplest one, just one console commands, only requirement is it will only works when there is no conflicting mods with this one, especially survivor characters mod.
exec l4d1sur

//though bit tedious to use many commands, but this works as well.
echo "Sam za Nemesis's silly L4D1 Script"
//We need sv_cheats 1 because source engine is silly
sv_cheats 1
//Using prop_physics to precache survivors, also unlike prop dynamic, it doesn't spawn anything since the survivor isn't a physical prop
prop_physics_create survivors\survivor_teenangst.mdl
prop_physics_create survivors\survivor_manager.mdl
prop_physics_create survivors\survivor_biker.mdl
prop_physics_create survivors\survivor_namvet.mdl

//Modifying the survivor behaviour so they can actually move
sb_l4d1_survivor_behavior 0
sb_add louis
sb_add zoey
sb_add francis
sb_add bill

// other required settings
sb_all_bot_game 1
sb_escort 1
sb_friend_immobilized_reaction_time_expert : 0.5
sb_revive_friend_distance : 125.0
z_witch_anger_rate 0.0
sb_unstick 0
vs_max_team_switches 99
bot_mimic 0
sb_allow_shoot_through_survivors 0
sb_use_upgrades 1
sb_debug_buddy 0

//listener server functions - allows the bots to move, instead of just idling

sv_pausable 1

bind "alt" "wait 0; +mouse_menu CustomMenu1; bind alt close_menus"
alias "close_menus" "-mouse_menu; -mouse_menu; bind alt open_menus1"
alias "open_menus1" "+mouse_menu CustomMenu1; bind alt close_menus"
alias "open_menus2" "+mouse_menu CustomMenu2; bind alt close_menus"

alias "bots_stop" "sb_hold_position 1; sb_crouch 1"
alias "bots_move" "sb_hold_position 0; sb_crouch 0"
alias "bots_holdfire" "sb_dont_shoot 1"
alias "bots_fire" "sb_dont_shoot 0"

bind "f1" "wait 0; +mouse_menu SettingsMenu1; bind f1 close_mapmenus"
alias "close_mapmenus" "-mouse_menu; -mouse_menu; bind f1 open_mapmenus"
alias "open_mapmenus" "+mouse_menu SettingsMenu1; bind f1 close_mapmenus"

bind "f2" "wait 0; +mouse_menu CustomMenu3; bind f2 close_charmenu"
alias "close_charmenu" "-mouse_menu; wait 10; -mouse_menu; bind f2 open_charmenu"
alias "open_charmenu" "+mouse_menu CustomMenu3; bind f2 close_charmenu"

bind "f3" "wait 0; +mouse_menu CustomMenu4; bind f3 close_diffmenu"
alias "close_diffmenu" "-mouse_menu; wait 10; -mouse_menu; bind f3 open_diffmenu"
alias "open_diffmenu" "+mouse_menu CustomMenu4; bind f3 close_diffmenu"

alias "diff_easy" "wait 0; z_difficulty easy"
alias "diff_normal" "wait 0; z_difficulty normal"
alias "diff_hard" "wait 0; z_difficulty hard"
alias "diff_expert" "wait 0; z_difficulty impossible"

alias baa "map c1m1_hotel coopbl"
alias bab "map c2m1_highway coopbl"
alias bac "map c3m1_plankcountry coopbl"
alias bad "map c4m1_milltown_a coopbl"
alias bae "map c5m1_waterfront coopbl"
alias baf "map c6m1_riverbank coopbl"
alias bag "map c7m1_docks coopbl"
alias bah "map c8m1_apartment coopbl"
alias bai "map c9m1_alleys coopbl"
alias baj "map c10m1_caves coopbl"
alias bak "map c11m1_greenhouse coopbl"
alias bal "map c12m1_hilltop coopbl"
alias bam "map c13m1_alpinecreek coopbl"

alias caa "map c1m1_hotel versusbl"
alias cab "map c2m1_highway versusbl"
alias cac "map c3m1_plankcountry versusbl"
alias cad "map c4m1_milltown_a versusbl"
alias cae "map c5m1_waterfront versusbl"
alias caf "map c6m1_riverbank versusbl"
alias cag "map c7m1_docks versusbl"
alias cah "map c8m1_apartment versusbl"
alias cai "map c9m1_alleys versusbl"
alias caj "map c10m1_caves versusbl"
alias cak "map c11m1_greenhouse versusbl"
alias cal "map c12m1_hilltop versusbl"
alias cam "map c13m1_alpinecreek versusbl"

alias daa "map c1m4_atrium survivalbl"
alias dab "map c2m1_highway survivalbl"
alias dac "map c2m4_barns survivalbl"
alias dad "map c2m5_concert survivalbl"
alias dae "map c3m3_shantytown survivalbl"
alias daf "map c3m4_plantation survivalbl"
alias dag "map c4m1_milltown_a survivalbl"
alias dah "map c4m2_sugarmill_a survivalbl"
alias dai "map c5m1_waterfront survivalbl"
alias daj "map c5m5_bridge survivalbl"
alias dak "map c6m1_riverbank survivalbl"
alias dal "map c6m2_bedlam survivalbl"
alias dam "map c6m3_port survivalbl"
alias dan "map c7m1_docks survivalbl"
alias dao "map c7m3_port survivalbl"
alias dap "map c8m2_subway survivalbl"
alias daq "map c8m5_rooftop survivalbl"

alias eaa "map c1m4_atrium scavengebl"
alias eab "map c2m1_highway scavengebl"
alias eac "map c3m1_plankcountry scavengebl"
alias ead "map c4m1_milltown_a scavengebl"
alias eae "map c4m2_sugarmill_a scavengebl"
alias eaf "map c5m2_park scavengebl"
alias eag "map c6m1_riverbank scavengebl"
alias eah "map c6m2_bedlam scavengebl"
alias eai "map c6m3_port scavengebl"
alias eaj "map c7m1_docks scavengebl"
alias eak "map c7m2_barge scavengebl"
alias eal "map c8m1_apartment scavengebl"
alias eam "map c8m5_rooftop scavengebl"
alias ean "map c10m3_ranchhouse scavengebl"
alias eao "map c11m4_terminal scavengebl"
alias eap "map c12m5_cornfield scavengebl"

alias faa "map c1m1_hotel realismbl"
alias fab "map c2m1_highway realismbl"
alias fac "map c3m1_plankcountry realismbl"
alias fad "map c4m1_milltown_a realismbl"
alias fae "map c5m1_waterfront realismbl"
alias faf "map c6m1_riverbank realismbl"
alias fag "map c7m1_docks realismbl"
alias fah "map c8m1_apartment realismbl"
alias fai "map c9m1_alleys realismbl"
alias faj "map c10m1_caves realismbl"
alias fak "map c11m1_greenhouse realismbl"
alias fal "map c12m1_hilltop realsmbl"
alias fam "map c13m1_alpinecreek realismbl"

alias gaa "map c1m1_hotel coop"
alias gab "map c2m1_highway coop"
alias gac "map c3m1_plankcountry coop"
alias gad "map c4m1_milltown_a coop"
alias gae "map c5m1_waterfront coop"
alias gaf "map c6m1_riverbank coop"
alias gag "map c7m1_docks coop"
alias gah "map c8m1_apartment coop"
alias gai "map c9m1_alleys coop"
alias gaj "map c10m1_caves coop"
alias gak "map c11m1_greenhouse coop"
alias gal "map c12m1_hilltop coop"
alias gam "map c13m1_alpinecreek coop"

alias haa "map c1m1_hotel realism"
alias hab "map c2m1_highway realism"
alias hac "map c3m1_plankcountry realism"
alias had "map c4m1_milltown_a realism"
alias hae "map c5m1_waterfront realism"
alias haf "map c6m1_riverbank realism"
alias hag "map c7m1_docks realism"
alias hah "map c8m1_apartment realism"
alias hai "map c9m1_alleys realism"
alias haj "map c10m1_caves realism"
alias hak "map c11m1_greenhouse realism"
alias hal "map c12m1_hilltop realsm"
alias ham "map c13m1_alpinecreek realism"

alias iaa "map c1m1_hotel versus"
alias iab "map c2m1_highway versus"
alias iac "map c3m1_plankcountry versus"
alias iad "map c4m1_milltown_a versus"
alias iae "map c5m1_waterfront versus"
alias iaf "map c6m1_riverbank versus"
alias iag "map c7m1_docks versus"
alias iah "map c8m1_apartment versus"
alias iai "map c9m1_alleys versus"
alias iaj "map c10m1_caves versus"
alias iak "map c11m1_greenhouse versus"
alias ial "map c12m1_hilltop versus"
alias iam "map c13m1_alpinecreek versus"

alias jaa "map c1m4_atrium survival"
alias jab "map c2m1_highway survival"
alias jac "map c2m4_barns survival"
alias jad "map c2m5_concert survival"
alias jae "map c3m3_shantytown survival"
alias jaf "map c3m4_plantation survival"
alias jag "map c4m1_milltown_a survival"
alias jah "map c4m2_sugarmill_a survival"
alias jai "map c5m1_waterfront survival"
alias jaj "map c5m5_bridge survival"
alias jak "map c6m1_riverbank survival"
alias jal "map c6m2_bedlam survival"
alias jam "map c6m3_port survival"
alias jan "map c7m1_docks survival"
alias jao "map c7m3_port survival"
alias jap "map c8m2_subway survival"
alias jaq "map c8m5_rooftop survival"

alias kaa "map c1m4_atrium scavenge"
alias kab "map c2m1_highway scavenge"
alias kac "map c3m1_plankcountry scavenge"
alias kad "map c4m1_milltown_a scavenge"
alias kae "map c4m2_sugarmill_a scavenge"
alias kaf "map c5m2_park scavenge"
alias kag "map c6m1_riverbank scavenge"
alias kah "map c6m2_bedlam scavenge"
alias kai "map c6m3_port scavenge"
alias kaj "map c7m1_docks scavenge"
alias kak "map c7m2_barge scavenge"
alias kal "map c8m1_apartment scavenge"
alias kam "map c8m5_rooftop scavenge"
alias kan "map c10m3_ranchhouse scavenge"
alias kao "map c11m4_terminal scavenge"
alias kap "map c12m5_cornfield scavenge"

alias laa "map c1m1_hotel coopdf"
alias lab "map c2m1_highway coopdf"
alias lac "map c3m1_plankcountry coopdf"
alias lad "map c4m1_milltown_a coopdf"
alias lae "map c5m1_waterfront coopdf"
alias laf "map c6m1_riverbank coopdf"
alias lag "map c7m1_docks coopdf"
alias lah "map c8m1_apartment coopdf"
alias lai "map c9m1_alleys coopdf"
alias laj "map c10m1_caves coopdf"
alias lak "map c11m1_greenhouse coopdf"
alias lal "map c12m1_hilltop coopdf"
alias lam "map c13m1_alpinecreek coopdf"

alias maa "map c1m1_hotel versusdf"
alias mab "map c2m1_highway versusdf"
alias mac "map c3m1_plankcountry versusdf"
alias mad "map c4m1_milltown_a versusdf"
alias mae "map c5m1_waterfront versusdf"
alias maf "map c6m1_riverbank versusdf"
alias mag "map c7m1_docks versusdf"
alias mah "map c8m1_apartment versusdf"
alias mai "map c9m1_alleys versusdf"
alias maj "map c10m1_caves versusdf"
alias mak "map c11m1_greenhouse versusdf"
alias mal "map c12m1_hilltop versusdf"
alias mam "map c13m1_alpinecreek versusdf"

alias naa "map c1m4_atrium survivaldf"
alias nab "map c2m1_highway survivaldf"
alias nac "map c2m4_barns survivaldf"
alias nad "map c2m5_concert survivaldf"
alias nae "map c3m3_shantytown survivaldf"
alias naf "map c3m4_plantation survivaldf"
alias nag "map c4m1_milltown_a survivaldf"
alias nah "map c4m2_sugarmill_a survivaldf"
alias nai "map c5m1_waterfront survivaldf"
alias naj "map c5m5_bridge survivaldf"
alias nak "map c6m1_riverbank survivaldf"
alias nal "map c6m2_bedlam survivaldf"
alias nam "map c6m3_port survivaldf"
alias nan "map c7m1_docks survivaldf"
alias nao "map c7m3_port survivaldf"
alias nap "map c8m2_subway survivaldf"
alias naq "map c8m5_rooftop survivaldf"

alias oaa "map c1m4_atrium scavengedf"
alias oab "map c2m1_highway scavengedf"
alias oac "map c3m1_plankcountry scavengedf"
alias oad "map c4m1_milltown_a scavengedf"
alias oae "map c4m2_sugarmill_a scavengedf"
alias oaf "map c5m2_park scavengedf"
alias oag "map c6m1_riverbank scavengedf"
alias oah "map c6m2_bedlam scavengedf"
alias oai "map c6m3_port scavengedf"
alias oaj "map c7m1_docks scavengedf"
alias oak "map c7m2_barge scavengedf"
alias oal "map c8m1_apartment scavengedf"
alias oam "map c8m5_rooftop scavengedf"
alias oan "map c10m3_ranchhouse scavengedf"
alias oao "map c11m4_terminal scavengedf"
alias oap "map c12m5_cornfield scavengedf"

alias paa "map c1m1_hotel realismdf"
alias pab "map c2m1_highway realismdf"
alias pac "map c3m1_plankcountry realismdf"
alias pad "map c4m1_milltown_a realismdf"
alias pae "map c5m1_waterfront realismdf"
alias paf "map c6m1_riverbank realismdf"
alias pag "map c7m1_docks realismdf"
alias pah "map c8m1_apartment realismdf"
alias pai "map c9m1_alleys realismdf"
alias paj "map c10m1_caves realismdf"
alias pak "map c11m1_greenhouse realismdf"
alias pal "map c12m1_hilltop realsmdf"
alias pam "map c13m1_alpinecreek realismdf"

bind "F5" "Vote Yes"
bind "F6" "Vote No"

//Remove crosshairs
hidehud 4

// {OPTIONAL: You may choose to use it as cheat mode (since sv_cheat is set to 1), but if you do not want it, you can choose to ignore this section.}
[automatically supplies of first aid kit, rifles, molotovs and infinite ammos and primary ammos.]
sv_infinite_ammo 1
sv_infinite_primary_ammo 1
sb_give rifle
give rifle
sb_give chainsaw
give chainsaw
upgrade_add laser_sight
sb_give first_aid_kit
give first_aid_kit
sb_give molotov
give molotov

[god mode]
god 1
01/23/2014 Version: 3.2 (complete) Size: 0.08MB File: l4d1sur_updated.vpk Downloads: 4,220 Views: 24,528

- Adapted from monstergaga(l4d), but have done on .cfg file to fix Bill issues.
- Added the bot fixes (credits to: dziggy), based in the botfixes.vpk add-on content, to fix the issues.
- Removed the god mode, two tier weapons, and infinate ammos, and place it as optional (view changelog).
- New version: see (Spawning L4D1 Survivors in L4D2 (fixed & updated))

- Does not contain botfixes.vpk (Cause It might conflict with this add-on).
- Contains the dlc content (the passing, the sacrifice) officially by Valve.

Spawning L4D1 Survivors in L4D2 (fixed & updated)

- Adapted from monstergaga(l4d), but have done on .cfg file to fix Bill issues.- Added the bot fixes...

Spawning L4D1 Survivors in L4D2

This is a script that I made for fun read changelog for full infonotify me when it's not workingThis...

58 Comments and 1 Reviews
dsr1231248D dsr1231248D Posted 2 weeks ago

hey there, i have a little problem with tis addon (maybe its too late but anyway) i activate it and goes good, but my parners doesnt help me if im in a ledge about to die :/. can you help me pls, anyone?

treeace treeace Posted 2 months ago

i think by typing this l4d1sur

portador portador Posted 2 months ago

how do I actirvar the mod?

zercophittecko zercophittecko Posted 2 months ago

pero porque cuando inicio una canpaƱa no aparecen

mira hay una carpeta llamada addon de ahi pasas la carpeta en ell y listo ya esta

2 months ago
zelptheking zelptheking Posted 2 months ago

Could you maybe make a version that just spawns the l4d1 survivors and nothing else? Since it's annoying how it gives you infinite ammo, god mode, and tier 2 weapons when I use the " l4d1sur" command.

(Also, for some reason they don't follow me, they just keep rushing through the level)

It has been updated, just removed infinite ammo, god mode, and tier 2 weapons, but as for the l4d1 survivor that don't follows, I can't do anything much about it, though it worked, as there are some sluggish issues about the l4d1 survivor not following though it worked most of the game~

2 months ago
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Recent reviews for Spawning L4D1 Survivors in L4D2 (fixed).
Spawning L4D1 Survivors in L4D2 (fixed) iTz Pete iTz Pete Posted 1 year ago

-It actually works
-Easy setup


-l4d1 bots have navigation issues for obvious reasons


This was very fun to use, I love it despite the sluggish l4d1 bots

Spawning L4D1 Survivors in L4D2 (fixed)
HTML Code:html | bbcode [url=http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=22632][img]http://www.l4dmaps.com/img/embed/22632.png[/img][/url] <a href="http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=22632"><img src="http://www.l4dmaps.com/img/embed/22632.png" alt ="Spawning L4D1 Survivors in L4D2 (fixed)" border="0" /></a>