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Let's Build: Catacombs

Author: CriticRichy221 (12)Game: L4D2Add-On: Map
member8.2 critic8.8 Co-op map for co-op play Versus map for versus play
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Map Status: 100% Complete

Fixed error signs due to valves update deleting the foliage i used in the lower water level.

deleted 2 audio files that were not needed


Changing status to complete because i feel like i tackled on most of the bug issues here thanks to the help of Hornytoad1

1) A 2 second mini cut scene will show when u use the first and last wheel for the second stage indicating where it is your going for those who got confused. (shame on you! the hints were there!)

2) Ending has been tweaked regarding the special "person" u see at the end moving around

3) some nav work has been worked on
a)apparently there was no nav near the tech tree o_0. i dunno how it got deleted but i fixed it
b) bots shouldnt have a problem with the ladder near the fire trap

4) added some noise for the gates when they open, well more like changed the noise cuz the one i was using seemed to not be loud enough. hopefully u guys hear this one.

5) some zombie spawns have been added in certain "boring spots" don't worry its just a few.

thats all i can remember for now! hope i do well in this contest x.x


1) Easter egg at the end should not show the error sign now. I remembered to package the models and materials for it so sorry for that on the previous version

2) Nav fixes have been made so the bots zombies and tanks are now not retarded as much. you will notice zombies actually going all the way up now to the starting area and a smoother bot flow perhaps. bots are also more smarter with the ladders and whatnot hurray!

3) fixed some bugs at the end cut-scene and sound fixes have been implemented

4) tech tree has been brought down a bit and isn't that high anymore.

5) Zombies will now spawn much sooner at the beginning of the level while you run down.

i think that's it for 1.4

Thnx to Hornytoad1 for helping me out with beta testing for this version

1) Crashing to desktop: hopefully this has finally been resolved. The fixes i have done seem to have worked for the people that helped me test this version.

2) Ending has been changed somewhat

3) An Easter egg has been added (youll spot it when it comes)

4) Some optimization improvements (lag should be significantly reduced if you had any)

5) Took out some textures and displacements that are not seen by the player at any point and this should reduce lag also.

6) Tech tree: Unfortunately i cant get the tech tree to stay visible constantly because it is parented to the func_tracktrain that allows it to be moveable. Seeing as how a moving techtree is part of this map there is nothing i can do really to make it 100% visible. I have however made it somewhat more "better" for you all and it should help a bit seeing the tech tree buttons. its either 100% visible with no moving tech tree or somewhat visible and moving techtree.

Think thats it for now since i cant remember the rest.



1) Hopefully the crashing has stopped. i was doing a few play tests and even though i don't really crash i was able to play with a fuck ton of zombies on the map. So ya.....hope that did the trick.

2) i took off some details and barricades i saw that wernt really needed.

3) Bots "shouldn't" be retards anymore on the top platform

4) Bots now go through the waterfall and follow you

5) Zombeis will now spawn a lot sooner after closing off the second stage

6) Worked on the nav and it shouldnt spawn tanks right away because the director is a complete ass, so i placed a few marks all over ensuring that doesnt happen. same for witches

Things i havent fixed yet because it has not cooperated

1) The only thing here i have is the tech tree visibility showing that its unlocked/locked. ill work on that later on because its not really a BIG bug but just a small annoyance.


1) Took away some unnecessary entities i saw fit and that should release some of the entity limit stress which means this may or may not help with some crashes people are experiencing if it is the map that's doing it. Again however i play this map a lot with many people online and my friends and we never really crash at all so i don't know what to say about that.

2) I placed a couple "barriers on the above platform which may reduce or completely take away the moments that bots fall. (remember AI is unpredictable and are completly stupid. We as mappers do the best we can to reduce the retardnesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :D.....>.>)

3) some nav improvements

4) regarding lag -----i cannot stress this enough:
1) the more zombies that spawn THE MORE you will get closer to lag. think about it because its logic, the more thats on your computer the slower its going to be right? depending on how well your computer can run the game will depend how well the frame rate is. i play with friends who are mixed with using computers that they game with. me and a buddy have excellent top of the line gaming computers but another friend of mines computer is basically utter shit for playing video games and he can sorta play it. like i said it just depends. so no more talk about this FUCK ITS LAGGY bs please and start killing those damn zombies!

5) Turn wheels should not be able to still turn after you use them.

I think that's everything. let me know if you see what you think is a bug.


This map supports coop and versus mode however Versus mode is unstable regarding spawning as infected. Play at your own risk with versus mode.


Find the 3 turn wheels to open the three gates to the second area
Turn the main wheel in the second area and survive until the gate opens
Find a way to start the finale in the end area.

This is a BETA remember that. everything is a (WIP)

Some people are fine playing this map and some seem to be crashing to desktop.
12/31/2013 Version: 2.0 (complete) Size: 162.07MB File: LBC.vpk Downloads: 79,389 Views: 92,278

The catacombs are a deep and ancient ruins that have taken the lives of many adventurers whom have stepped at its front door. Our survivors find themselves taking the challenge of the catacombs in hopes of escaping to a much safer place than before.

READ THE CHANGELOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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h0rnytoad1 h0rnytoad1 Posted 3 months ago

i just played this v2.0 but i'm getting a CTD right when a tank swaths me away when i'm standing behind the panel where the wheel is, i wasn't turning the wheel just running around the podium with tank chasing me. this happens on the ground floor before the gates open behind the panel.

i tested without any other addons

also forgot, i still can't shoot or shove while using the panel. not sure if its a bug but liked it better before when we could.

also the ladder near the wheel that activates the fire seems to trip up the bots, i had 2 bots just fall at the ladders down at the bottom and lose lots of life points.

3 months ago

thanks for the info and the cant shoot while using the panel is gone ever since valve updated l4d2. its changed for all lets builds which kinda sucks.

3 months ago

ah yes, and the author of the panel doesn't feel like fixing it or work around it ?

if pressing e and shooting at same time is still possible in the game, i mean other maps and such, then i don't see why it wouldn't work with the panel.

Maybe its how the panel is made that's actually blocking the shot, a mislabeled holder or an attribute of the panel the game doesn't like.

3 months ago

i verified my files and 4 needed to be redownloaded. that may account for the ctd

3 months ago
richy221 Criticrichy221 Posted 7 months ago

you guys need the missing content fix that rayman uploaded

h0rnytoad1 h0rnytoad1 Posted 7 months ago

i just played this and saw these error signs too. some update from valve musta broke something

Betenoir Betenoir Posted 8 months ago

Me and a buddy just downloaded this and both of us have a lot of red error signs, in what looks to be barricade spots. I also seem to CTD after 10-20 minutes into the map. I was wondering if anyone else had these problems and if there is a workaround? We both took off all other add-ons before playing after the second CTD, and while it took longer to crash it still eventually did and the error signs were still there.

error signs here but no CTD, even hat some addons in the folders but didn't crash

7 months ago
woontingfong@yahoo.com woontingfong@yahoo.com Posted 9 months ago

wow this video has cool action

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Let's Build: Catacombs sween922 sween922 Posted 1 year ago

It was entertaining, and quite a challenge even with 4 players. The playthrough was fun, and there was much enjoyment out of the Coil Satan that jumped out of the coffin thing.


The unlock tree was a but buggy, and so were the teleport portals. Also the alligator with Coil Satan at the end made no sense.


A great challenge that was entertaining. The bugs were hardly a problem.

Let's Build: Catacombs
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