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Miley Cyrus (Survivor)

Author: Angelaa^^ (27)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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The beta model only fixed her eyes after that
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- Uploaded File any probs just message me!

01/20/2013 Version: 1.0 (complete) Size: 4.99MB File: miley_survivor.vpk Downloads: 2,098 Views: 20,303

I had a lot of requests to make Miley as a Survivor, well now you got one! The model has facial expressions and it has a custom iris so she can move her eyes. I really hope you like her i worked really hard on her. Ke$ha survivor is coming soon! And don't worry she works.

Tagged: Survivor, Nick, Cute, Disney

49 Comments and 0 Reviews
abib12345 abib12345 Posted 3 months ago

Taylor Swift is lovely... xD

connorbfgg connorbfgg Posted 3 months ago

You should try and do a lana del rey mod

gagugi21 gagugi21 Posted 6 months ago

Watchout guys, she will twerk instead of shooting the zombies

It's super effective!

6 months ago
connor713 connor713 Posted 7 months ago

you need to make VMAs one mod

And replace Nick with Robin Thicke! lol

5 months ago
deliverhope deliverhope Posted 8 months ago

I doubt that miley would survive she would die

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Miley Cyrus (Survivor)
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